The it in this case referring to after-sales service. Often times, when we’re looking to buy a watch, having it serviced is the furthest thing from our minds. Of course, if you’re buying a mechanical watch, service is inevitable – any machine with moving parts is going to need some TLC now and again.

And, should that watch be a luxury piece, it’s probably a watch you’re planning to hang on to for some time. In those situations, you might be more curious about how a brand is going to take care of your pride and joy. A little while ago, I ran across a video (below) that gives a scripted look at their process.

Sure, it’s a highly compressed look at the process, but it’s a look nontheless. It’s pretty amazing the amount of effort they expend going through the watch to get it back to factory new. It’s also quite interesting to see that lasers (lasers!) are used in the process (here, they’re helping fix up the case).

Take a look at the video, and let me know what you think – would this help bring you to pick up an IWC over another brand? Also, if you’ve seen any other videos like this, feel free to let me know about them  – I’m curious to see what other brands are doing in this arena.

ByPatrick Kansa

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