Sure, you and Goose had a falling out and you were drummed out of Top Gun for being a loose cannon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sport this wildly ugly IWC double chrono under your flight suit. This split-second rattrapante chrono features the Top Gun flight school logo on the back and one of those horrible “triple date” windows on the front in case you can’t add and subtract. To add to the insult, the watch costs a hefty $12,000 so you probably can’t buy it on your Air Force salary.

Look, IWC stick with the Big Pilots and the standard aviators. This thing looks like something you’d get with a Jet Kidz Flight Suit costume at Target’s Halloween sale.

Product Page via gearpatrol

4 thoughts on “IWC “Top Gun” Pilot’s Watch Does No One Any Favors”
  1. The guys are Gear Patrol are hopefully aware that this is anything but a new watch. This has been out for like 5 years now.

  2. So with all the diamond encrusted, “Look at how rich I am!”, watches out there John gets all Occupy Wall Street over an over-priced tool watch? And no I don’t own one or even plan on buying one, but other than the cheesy Top Gun moniker, it’s far less noxious then most of the crap out there. Have your medication levels checked John.

  3. I also hate this watch and even dumped a Pre-owned one time quick. They sell I give them that, but yes, hit the ugly stick and take off.

  4. Yeah… last time I checked an Air Force guy probably would be buying a Air Force “Weapons School” watch versus a U.S. Navy “Fighter Weapons School” watch. Yeah, 220, 221. Whatever it takes…

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