Barrington 01The folks over at Barrington Watch Winders were nice enough to let me check out their single watch winder, which I really liked, and now (after a few months of storage, not use unfortunately), it is up for grabs to one of our lucky readers.  The full review went up last September, but the shorthand version of the review is that this is a nice product.

Watch holder
Watch holder

The design has a very modern look, the watch holder itself is nice and secure, the controls are well laid out and versatile for all sorts of watch requirements, and most importantly, it is nice and quite.  The full review has a video of the winder in operation so you can get a sense of the noise level.


Entering the contest does require a couple of steps, but nothing to onerous. To enter:

That’s it.  We do match the entries to comments, so make sure you hit both steps in order to qualify.  Happy New Year, and good luck.







57 thoughts on “January 2016 Giveaway: Barrington Watch Winder”
  1. don’t have a watch winder, but considering to get one. since i have two automatics, it would be useful, especially for the one with day date as skipping a day of wear often means readjusting.

  2. I currently have two automatic watches, but will have 5 by the end of the month.
    No current watch winders.

  3. I have two winders. The first is a dual watch winder and the second is a 8 watch winder. I have 13 automatic watches currently.

  4. I don’t have any winders yet. I only own one automatic, though, so I’m fine as long as I wear it exclusively. Would be nice to win this.

  5. I have one double watch winder.
    One automatic and the next one will be in my collection soon.
    If i get this winder, it will be used with another automatic of my father. lol.

  6. Awesomesauce!! I only have 1 auto right now and i definitely need one of these winders. I find myself having to reset the time on my auto often since i rotate my watches.

  7. I have 2 automatic, 1 IWC and 1 Rolex, and no winders. I really need one winder, because it’s really a hassle to wind and update the date and adjust the time every time I decide to wear one of them.

  8. No winder yet, 2 automatics though, a Seiko and a Baume & Mercier. Seiko is the DD so I don’t have to worry about keeping that would, the B&M’s gotta be corrected every time though!

  9. 1 winder…given by a friend …placed my corum admirals cup 44 n my wife’s role datejust. …great single watch winder…n GREAT review site 🙂

  10. I don’t have a winder, normally I just do it by hand. But so far I have 5 automatics and 3 quartz watches.

  11. I have only 2 automatics right now, amazingly. I have an ebay chinese winder that wakes the neighbors up when using it.

  12. This would be the best accessory in the world for me! I have 3 automatics in my collection and I’m often frustrated at having to set these watches up prior to heading out the door. With a lovely Barrington watch winder, I could finally lay to rest my “time” anxieties and get going faster, leaving the winding work to the experts at Barrington! Thanks for the opportunity! -Ty

  13. I do not have a watch winder. I have only 1 automatic watch that actually works at the moment.

  14. i have one watch winder that houses two of my three automatic watches. A home for the third would be just dandy.

  15. I have two decent automatics and one awful one but my only winder is my own wrist. Why not, count me in!

  16. This look to be a very nice winder! I love the Racing Green! That may
    just be my next one! I have 3 winders now. Had 6wimders at one time, but
    3 of them stopped working after many year of service. I have 6 Autos,
    but can only use 3 at a time! This would be a great new winder to add to
    my collection!

  17. I dont wear a watch but my son that is in highschool loves watches… I think he has about two to his collection right now. I think one is a pocket watch and the other is a wrist watch. Ya he would for shure love this.

  18. At this time I don’t have a watch, I am looking at nice watches, but wont wear a cheap one, so cost has been a problem

  19. Thanks for the review. My only winder is a 10+ year old Underwood and it’s about played out. So, I could use a new one to help in the rotation of my three automatics.

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