We never get the good stuff! Casio in Japan just released this beautiful GW-3000 pilot in orange, blue, and white (I totally love that blue. It’s my favorite lume/color combo). It is waterproof and runs sets itself via radio. It is also a Tough Solar model and can survive masssive impacts.

It can display 29 world time cities and you can swap the home city with an away city. It also has a stopwatch and a calendar as well as a “Furuotokarenda” which is something Google seems to have translated wrong.

More stats from Serkan:

– the GW-3000 “Pilot” series is an update of the GW-2500 released in Japan in May last year
– designed so that “pilots can use it”
– capable of withstanding up to 15G
– compliant with ISO 2669: http://www.iso.org/iso/catalogue_detail.htm?csnumber=7641
– waterproof
– “shock resistant”
– “tough solar” function: small solar panel enabling the watches to recharge when they are exposed to light
– “multiband 6”: time calibration signals from six stations (two in Japan/one each in the USA, Germany, China and the UK)

– three models: GW-3000B (black/resin), GW-3000D (silver/metal), GW-3000BD (black/metal)
– all models will be released in Japan on February 25
– size: 52.5×49.8×15.5mm
– weight: 148g (74g for the GW-3000B)
– they’ll produce 3,000 units monthly
– prices: $390 for the GW-3000B, $490 for the GW-3000D and $540 for the GW3000BD
– no word on a release outside Japan

It is available this month for about $200.

What do we get? A Shamrock Shake green Baby-G that comes in a recyclable container. I mean I love me some ecology, but I want a Pilot’s watch! This green one is available here for $110.


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