So, far, we’ve seen some pretty high-end Star Wars-based watch winder (here and here) to cradle and protect your watch (maybe even their Star Wars tourbillon). What if you want something a bit simpler – and more affordable? That’s where the Kross Studio x Star Wars watch rolls come in.

As far as these watch rolls go, it’s a fairly basic single-watch roll. You’ve got a microfiber lining inside, and a microfiber wrapped pillow that the watch goes around. That slides in, and then you can snap the flap down, enshrining the watch in the vegetal leather (this is not fake leather; it’s referring to the vegetable tanning process used for the leather).

The special bit, then, is the silk screening that shows up on the outside. For buying single versions, you can opt for Boba Fett, C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, or a Storm Trooper. If you buy all six, then you get a bonus seventh one featuring Yoda.

For me, I find myself most drawn to the Boba Fett version, which I pin on just recently having gotten into season 2 of The Mandalorian (and yes, I’m rather enjoying the series). Additionally, I think this one will look even better as it goes through life, picking up scratches and such on the silk-screening, giving you that beat up armor look. These watch rolls are available now directly from Kross, running at $250 for a single, or $1,750 for the complete set including Yoda.

Tech Specs from Kross Studio

  • Dimensions
    • Diameter 100 mm (3,97 inches)
    • Thickness 75 mm (2,95 inches)
  • Materials
    • Exterior material: Genuine vegetal leather
    • Interior material: High-end polyester microfiber fabric
  • Weight 160 g (5,65 ounces)

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