This seems to a good time for apparel Kickstarter projects. We’ve featured several in the last few months, most recently a wool shirt from Western Rise just the other week. They did have a polo option, which I think many folks might prefer for summertime. Well, if wool isn’t your thing, then perhaps this new LabFresh Polo is what you’re on the search for.

As with so many clothing Kickstarters we’ve been seeing, the LabFresh Polo offers quite a list of claims with their shirt – it’s stain- and odor-repellent, all while feeling just as nice in the hand as any other cotton pique polo. Far from being some unsubstantiated claim, it sounds like the brand has done some extensive testing for this project (their second, it’s worth noting). As a result, they’re confident (and guarantee) that the LabFresh Polo will keep it’s stain resistance for 30 washes, and the odor repellence will last for 100 washes. And, given that you should need to wash the shirt less (as it’s not getting dirty or smelly), it should last a good long time. In other words, it’s a great all-around sort of a shirt, and seems particularly suited to travel where you want to reduce the amount you have to pack.

While many clothing items that have these sort of repellencies, and quick-dry claims, are going to made out of synthetics. Here, the LabFresh Polo is actually made from good old cotton – 100% cotton. Sure, it’s treated in some manner to get these resistances in there, but given the certifications they’ve picked up ( you can see those in the project page details) it doesn’t seem like anything you’d be afraid to have up against your skin (disclaimer: I am not a chemist). The brand seems committed to reducing waste and want to create products that last you a good long time, and these shirts are part of that commitment.

With the campaign – which is fully funded, and wraps up on June 12 – you’ll be able to pick up a LabFresh Polo in grey, light blue, white, or navy; you can also get a t-shirt in those hues as well. Pricing is starts at $44 for one shirt (in either a polo or t-shirt), and there are options where you could pick up a polo plus a t-shirt, or two polos, all the way up to a total of 8 shirts. Want to replace your whole wardrobe? They’ve got you covered. You’ve got some time to make your mind up, as the project closes out on June 12, 2019, with delivery of the shirts anticipated to hit in August 2019. It’s great to see stuff like this popping up out there on Kickstarter, and I am definitely a fan of what I see here. project page

By Patrick Kansa

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