Earlier this week, we brought you a hands-on review of a Kickstarter watch (the Anstead Oceanis) from one of our readers, Matt Himmelstein.  Today, we’ve got another quick impression from him of a different watch he came across.

The watch in question is the Coastliner (project page), a clean-looking mechanical watch with some 50s-inspired styling.  If you like what he’s pulling together on these projects, let us know in the comments.  And now, without further ado, here are Matt’s thoughts:

Another crowdfunded watch project recently popped up that looks very worthy of consideration.  The Coastliner, a 1950 car culture inspired mechanical watch is being offered via Kickstarter.  The watch designer resides in the UK (though he designed this watch while in the US) and works with Swiss manufacturers to source the various parts.

The watch is built around an ETA 2824 – 2 movement, with a 40 mm polished stainless steel case, mirror polish finish, screw down case-back with exhibition window, and a sapphire crystal.  It is shipped with a light brown calfskin strap with a stainless steel deployment clasp.  It is depth rated to 50 meter.

Overall, the technical aspects of the watch are solid, though not extraordinary.  The first 10 watches offered in the run were priced at £375 plus £35 for shipping to the US, for a total of around $650.  With those sold out, he is offering 25 more for £750 (+ £35 for shipping), about $1,200.

The styling of the watch, though, is another matter.  It looks absolutely gorgeous.  The face is very clean and done in cream with a little textured relief, the case is elegant and the logo machined into the side is a nice element,   The pale green second hand adds a touch of color, and the strap looks like it will wear beautifully.

At $1,200, I think it is worth considering against another dress watch in the same price range.  At $650 or so, I think the styling made it a steal.

One thought on “Kicking It To The Coast”
  1. I agree with Matt’s sentiments – the Coastliner offers a nice minimalist alternative to the typical gaudy, bauble-laden, status bearing, showy watches that desperately seek attention. It’s too bad stylish understatement isn’t on the radar of a lot of men who could afford to ratchet down the bling factor a notch or two. That reminds me – it’s coming up to the NBA playoffs and the season of fake dress glasses and backbacks. I always wonder who helps dress athletes and commentators before stepping in front of a camera. I guess they’ve never heard the word “No!”. In the case of the Coastliner, less is more along with subtle touches that earns its own style points (i.e., the light teal second hand, the small fonts of the face, and the textured face. I would prefer a 42 to 44 mm case diameter but this would no doubt look very stylish in a casual dress situation.

    Another obscure but thoughtful suggestion by Matt. Who knew engineers even cared about style?!!!

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