If I didn’t want a Panny so bad I’d probably puke.

I’m probably asking the wrong crowd,but. I can either get lasik surgery to correct my eye and do away with dreaded glasses or buy another PAM. Below is my sole PAM. I do have a few other quality watches, but since I have been following this forum, I’ve become addicted. I was thinking about either the PAM 88 or going for a Rad with the 183 or 232. What do you guys think?

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By John Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

5 thoughts on “Lasik or a Panny”
  1. Yes, that is a tough one, but here is something to consider: how much do you spend on glasses, contact lenses, and supplies?

    I work for a nonprofit Lasik patient advocacy. We don’t provide Lasik, just Lasik information and we evaluate Lasik doctors.

    If you have Lasik and all goes well, then you would not have the cost for eyewear anymore. You could take that money and apply it to the PAM. In short order you could have Lasik and the PAM.

    Before you worry about this too much you should have a comprehensive evaluation by a competent surgeon to be sure you are a candidate for Lasik.

    Glenn Hagele
    Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance

  2. Hmm, you’d need to answer a few questions before making a final decision.

    1) Is your eyesight so bad that you NEED glasses ALL the time to reasonably see the world around you?

    2) Is wearing glasses really that much of a burden? Do you lose or break them often?

    3) Is this a legitimate health issue (ie. Lasik ‘curing’ your poor eyesight so you can drive, etc.) or just an affectation to reverse moderate near or shortsightedness?

    I’ve heard that Lasik does increase your chances of needing to use magnifying glasses earlier in life, rather than when you get older. Although these are cheap and available at any drugstore, you might be trading one pair of glasses for another.

    I’m all for health over gadgets, but you need to decide if this is really and urgent health issue. Also, do alot of research on Lasik and it’s potential complications.

    This is a long winded way of saying that if you don’t really NEED Lasik to correct a real problem, go for the Panny.

  3. Don’t be foolish, get the lasik procedure. The only way you know if you can really afford something is if you buy and wouldn’t care if you lost it. Sounds like you can’t really afford the PAM if you are debating a watch over a medical procedure. Always take care of your health first.

  4. Don’t be cockamamie, get the lasik process. The exclusive way you pair if you can real afford something is if you buy and wouldn’t repair if you missing it. Sounds equal you can’t really open the PAM if you are debating a rite over a medical activity. Ever work maintenance of your eudaimonia foremost.
    vernon getzler

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