Admittedly, that famous Chubby Checker song is well before my time.  However, when I came across this new Fossil model, I couldn’t help but to have it run through my head.

Not surprisingly, the model is part of their Twist collection.  Fossil over the years has had a decent representation of watches in their fashion/clothing collections, and they have come out with some very nice pieces (there may even be one or two in my own collection from early on).


This latest one is a very sharp design.  Looking at it, you might think that the watch was an automatic – I know I did, at first.  Do a little bit of reading, however, and you quickly discover that this is actually a quartz-driven piece – the design just throws some mechanical touches in there for the look.

So, once I saw that, I had to turn to evaluating this strictly on the looks of the piece.  In that arena, this is presenting a rather unique look.  You’ve got a “dial within a dial” presentation occurring, as well as a seperate sub-seconds dial.  You of course have the mechanical-style balance wheel and mainspring as well (from some searching on YouTube, it appears the balance wheel will actually be in motion).  So, from a design perspective, it’s an interesting one.

In the end, for me, this is much like the “faux chrono” dials – presentation should follow function (not imitate).  In other words, I’m not a fan.  However, if you’re the sort of person who likes the look of a mechanical, but wants absolute quartz accuracy, than this is your model.  Pricing falls in right around the $185 mark, including over at Watchismo.

ByPatrick Kansa

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Do The Twist!”
  1. I was all set to be surprised and like a Fossil watch for a change. Bu then I read about it being a quartz and the mechanical parts being fake.

    “Be a mechanical watch, or just look one” to paraphrase the old ad line, “Be a model or just look like one”.

    I’m with you on this one Patrick.

  2. The timekeeping of minutes and hours is done by a quartz movement under the time “subdial”. The mechanical movement is real though, just squished into the left side and only outputs seconds (at 7 o clock). So the seconds just don’t run if the watch is left for a while. Since there’s only one crown, you can’t wind it, you have to shake it or wear it (there is a rotor in the back which you can see). So you really do have a working balance wheel and escapment to watch when you wear it.

    Honestly, it’s really a smart idea and you can tell someone at Fossil really does like mechanical watches but knew they needed to include the practical nature of a quartz for their customers. However, these are a TERRIBLE Chinese movement. Obviously timekeeping is a moot point but in my experience, within a year you will see screws, or gears or your rotor rattling inside the case. It’s really too bad.

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