It’s November which means a lot of things.  This year, at least for me, it also means a focus on men’s health.  Let’s face it, guys – we tend to not take a close look at our health until something goes wrong.  We’re especially sensitive (and put our heads in the sand) when it comes to the specific types of cancer that target dudes.  To that end, the Movember Foundation is looking to make a difference.


On the surface of it, the whole No Shave November / Movember thing is a pretty silly way to go about raising awareness.  It does seem to be effective, though.  If you see someone who is normally clean-shaven growing out a beard or mustache, you’ll probably ask them why.  It could be that they are going to go be a lumberjack or Snidley Whiplash-style villain, but it is more likely that they are raising awareness around men’s health issues.


As for me, no, I am not about to be shaving off my beard – but I am still a Mo Bro this month.  What I am doing is participating in their new method, which is move (hey, encouraging fitness is a way of improving health as well).  Regardless of how a guy  – or gal – may be participating (moving or growing), the fact is it’s a kind of fun way to get the word out, and help to raise funds for these causes:


All good stuff there – so that’s why I’m participating.  Even if your’re not going to be a Mo Bro or Mo Sista, you can still help out.  How?  Glad you asked – by tossing a few coins (not Bitcoin, John!) in the hat to help fund this work.  If you want to donate via my page (which is right here), that would be awesome.  If you want to support someone else’s fundraising efforts, awesome as well.  Just do what you can, and let’s get (and keep) ourselves healthy, alright guys?


By Patrick Kansa

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