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Limited Edition 007 Omega Seamaster


0d84067547d8c87408b938a3669d82f6.jpgDum diddle-ee dum dum dum… dum diddle-ee dum dum dum! Dum dum dum dum, dum dum dummmmm!

Omega just launched a limited edition 007 Seamaster for about $3,400. It has a 007 camera iris on the dial and a 007 co-branded case back, seconds hand, and band. Made in honor of the next Bond flick, This Franchise Is Forver, they’re only casing 10,007 of these, so act quick.

I love a good Seamaster, but I’m kind of non-plussed. I’m going to try to get non-watermarked pictures for you all, but you can check out the even images at some crappy photo hosting page that sucks.

Full specs after the jump.

Limited to 10’007 pieces worldwide
· COSC certified
· Meets with the requisites of a professional diver’s watch
· Water resistant to 300 metres (1000 feet)
· Equipped with a helium escape valve (Helium escape valve allows atoms to escape during decompression)
· Calibre 2500 self-winding movement with a 48-hour power reserve
· 41mm stainless steel case
· Screw-down case back is engraved with the limited edition number (1 of 10’007) and an embossed 007 gun logo
· Brushed and polished stainless steel bracelet
Safety clasp engraved with the 007 logo
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
Anti-reflective treatment for optimum clarity
Applied hour markers
· Skeleton hour and minute hands are coated with SuperLuminova


  1. I’m a big Seamaster fan, too, but this seems way too gimmicky to me. This is more something I’d expect to see on a Fossil than an Omega.

    Now if it has a high-powered electronic magnet or a laser built in, then that’s another story.

  2. The stated “camera iris” on the dial is actually the view looking down the barrel of a gun. Hence in every James Bond movie … you get the view of the baddie’s gun trying to kill Bond but got killed instead. 🙂

  3. I just bought one yesterday. I was looking for a new Seamaster to buy and didn’t even notice this 007 edition till someone mentioned it to me. From a distance(4ft or more) it becomes very hard to distinguish this watch and a normal Seamaster Professional. I’m a big James Bond fan so I naturally had to buy the watch. The Camera iris/gun barrel is a very nice little touch.

  4. i have just bought a lmt edtion 007 and like all that have bought 1, and had the choice of all omigas its personal choice i am no sado with ref to james bond and have aprox 30 or so watches it a taste of QUALITY at the end of the day all that say its not good, stay with your battery watches, you never know when youre’s might run out!!!!

  5. I just bought one as gift for my husband! But now I’m thinking twice!! Is it really worth it??? Is 10,007 really limited?? Since like a lot to me??

    How many do they usually produce if it wasn’t limited edition???

    Thanks!!! I have 12 more days to exchange it!!! Please help!!

  6. Nice watch but I think Omega is watering down there reputation with all these variations of the Bond watch.

    Also the spirals on the watch dial are supose to represent the ‘rifling’ (spirals) which in side a ‘handgun’ (high rate of twist) barrel. Anyway I think that was covered in a previous post…

  7. Hi

    I am starting to collect Omega 007 limited edition watches. Does anyone know the model number of this particular watch?

  8. Yup, the commenter earlier is correct. It isn’t a camera aperture rather its the rifling or groove which spins a bullet down the barrel in order to greatly improve accuracy.

    Nice article too.


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