CuSn8 is the correct notation for the particular Bronze allow that Borealis is using on the Adraga, a new, limited edition explorer’s watch. There are four variations, limited to 25 pieces each. It’s an excellent interpretation of the field watch, and we hope you manage to pre-order one.

The dial is a classic explorer’s style watch, with triangle at the 12 position, and 3-6-9 at the other cardinal directions. You’ve seen dials like this before on famous Swiss watches. The indices and hands are finished in Rose Gold, which is lovely. The variations come down to what color lume you like: white, c3 green luminova, and whether you want a matte black dial or a gray sunray dial. That adds up to the four combinations. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a bad combination in the bunch. Every one of these is tasteful.

The movement driving the hands around the dial is the Seiko NH38, a 3 hand automatic with no date function. It’s frequently seen in watches with an open window in the dial to view the balance wheel, but here, it sits with the balance obscured behind the 9 indice, ticking away.

The case is 40.5mm wide, 14.3mm tall including the sapphire crystal, and should wear comfortably on the hand-stitched leather strap. If you can manage to get one, you should be very happy with it. It looks like a good modern interpretation of a classic. Unfortunately, they all sold out on the first day. There’s some hint that Borealis will introduce a model in stainless steel. Check out all their offerings over at

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