Loc-who?  If you’re like me, Locman is not a company you’ve heard of (at least until you read this post).  I caught wind of a new model they have, and was intrigued.  Just to get you situated, Locman was actually founded in Italy in 1986, and started life creating watches for other brands.  In 1997, they decided to make watches under their own name.  Which brings us to today’s example, the Montecristo Professional Diver.

What grabbed me with this watch was how the lugs are “skeltonized”, for lack of a better term.  Many divers coming out today seem overly bulky, by the nature of their construction.  Here, with the lugs being hollowed out, the watch seems like a much lighter alternative (whether or not it actually is, I can’t speak to).

A rest easy – this isn’t just a fashion watch masquerading as a true dive watch.  This model was actually tested by professional divers on the Tuscan Archipilego, close to Locman’s headquarters.  And as such, the watch is rated for water resistance to a depth of 120 meters (approx. 393 feet) – just past the depth the human body can withstand.

The case itself is made from steel and titanium, and features a steel bezel for timing your dive (or your eggs), a flat sapphire crystal with date cyclops up front, and another piece of sapphire around back allowing you to see the movement (which can be a mechanical automatic, or quartz chronograph, depending on your preference).  Either way, definitely an interesting newcomer to the dive watch segment.

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Last Update: February 24, 2012

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