England always, as the man on the telly in V for Vendetta says, prevails. But how she prevails is quite important. To wit, we present the Thomas Earnshaw Cornwall Bridge, a watch with a name like something dirty a man from Liverpool would get up to but with a design that is quite pleasing and unique.

The Bridge has, as the name suggests, a bridge movement. This means all of the pieces are suspended from one end of the case to the other and the face is made of clear crystal. The entire thing is encased in a steel case.

Thomas Earnshaw is a newish manufacturer with a few other models on its roster including. Named for the great British clockmaker all of the pieces are named to match the British theme including the Longcase quartz chrono, the Beagle, the Flinders, and the Darwin.

The Bridge costs a mere $481 in steel and is also available in black and various shades of gold. I would wager that these handsome pieces won’t soon Brexit your wrist if you pick one up. We’ll have a hands-on review over the next few weeks.

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