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Spring is in the air here in the greater New York City region and that means the brutal cold and soul-crushing lack of sunlight will soon be a thing of the past. Huzzah! One watch I wouldn’t mind wearing on my wrist as we emerge from the winter doldrums is the new Longines Legend Diver, available in 36mm and 42mm sizes.

The Legend Diver has been around since 2007, but new this time around are dramatic gradient dials and a handful of new colorways to choose from, including this deep burgundy I like a lot. 

Says Longines:

The  Longines  Legend  Diver  Watch  says  a  lot about  the  brand  and  its  heritage.  It  recalls Longines’ rich history in the world of diving and the technical innovations that have helped define it over the years. With its distinctive, unique look and  design,  The  Longines  Legend  Diver  Watch has  earned  its  popularity  and  its  privileged position  in  the  brand’s  long  history.  The  new models  –  each  one  worthy  of  the  name  –  will continue the legend. 

I spent some time with the new diver at a Longines press event in Midtown Manhattan earlier this month, and came away basically thinking, “How can I fit this in my budget this year?” (I saw a few other watches that similarly impressed me but I’m not allowed to talk about them yet.) 

Image Credit: Longines

Longtime listeners of our podcast The HourTime Show will know that I have rather small wrists, which makes wearing anything north of 40, 41mm sort of a gamble. It’ll either be… fine, or ridiculous. There is no middle ground. But even a hair smaller than 40mm is likely to look great. That’s the situation here, with the 36mm Legend Diver looking just right on my 6.5-inch wrist.

Look for the watch later this month, which retails for $2,400.
For more information visit the Longines website.

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