As you read in my earlier posts (here and here), I was fortunate to have a Magrette Regattare 2011 enter my personal collection.  I’ve now had a good bit more wrist time with the watch, so I thought I’d give you a “long term” update on the watch.

For starters, the watch has basically become my daily wear.  This of course started because it was the newest watch I had, and it’s just never left that spot.  For one, it ensures that the automatic movement stays wound (admission:  even on days I don’t wear it, I will put it on for a few hours when I get home just to wind it).

If I hand the watch to someone to take a look, they all comment on how heavy it is.  And it’s not a light watch, being made out of steel – but I honestly don’t even notice it anymore.  I think a large part of that has to do with the straps.  The leather strap has a bit of padding to it, and is extremely comfortable.  I did run into a problem where the screw in the buckle kept backing out.  One email over to Magrette, though, and a new buckle made it’s way to me.

This did allow me to give the rubber strap a try, and I’m finding that even more comfortable that the provided leather strap.  It adjusts nicely onto my 7 1/4″ wrist, and holds in place very well.  Additionally, it has a sort of tire tread pattern on the underside of it, which I feel helps (at least in some small part) with airflow under the strap.

And now, just like many a good television show, I’m going to leave you wondering – would I recommend the watch?  Tune in tomorrow for the second part of my update!

ByPatrick Kansa

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