I haven’t written about Marvin yet but these guys make some striking, classic pieces at prices that are actually astounding. Take this “>old girl here, the M103. This is a Valjoux 7750 chrono movement with day and date register and it costs $1,790. This is the same movement that is in almost every watch you see out there including a lot of the stratospheric $6000+ brands.

The watches are assembled in Switzerland and shipped out of the U.S.A.

Anyway, the M103 has some nice racing colors and comes on a leather strap. They’ve also got the M109 that looks like a cubist’s dream and the M112 that looks like something Grandpa used to take off when he used to slug bouncers during Prohibition. Great stuff.

By John Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

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