While it’s been some time since we covered Meshable (we did so here), they are back with another project.  This time around, the Meshable 003 (License to… tell time?) has gone with an automatic movement, a first for the brand.


Before we get into the movement of the Meshable 003, I do want to cover off on the design a bit.  When I first saw this watch, it had very much a Xetum feel to it for me (albeit with regular lugs).  Further trawling of my recollections threw a bit of of Mühle-Glashütte in to the mix (which I suppose might make some sense, since Meshable is based in Germany).  Whatever the sources, this is a tidy design with some favorable associations for me.


The dial of the Meshable 003 is clean and crisp, with the black hands standing out in sharp contrast to the white dial.  Closer examination will reveal a bit of color hiding in there – the seconds hand is a shade of blue, and the pips at the hours are colored as well – blue for the upper half, and a purple for the lower half.  I wouldn’t normally go for purple on a watch, but these touches are almost hidden, so I like how they’re hiding in plain sight.


Tucked away into the compact 38mm steel case of the Meshable 003 is the Miyota 9015, which is a fairly well-known quantity at this point.  The smaller case size also means that the movement fills up a lot of the space, giving the rotor an almost massive look through the exhibition case back, and puts the date window at a reasonable spot on the dial.


One other bit of a design curiosity on the Meshable 003 would be the crown.  In this case, it’s a rounded-off square.  Uncommon (and calls to mind moVas), but hopefully not too much of an impact on the grip-a-bility of the crown itself.  Of course, you could find out for yourself, with early bird pricing (at least, for what’s still available) starting at a reasonable $260, with funding for the project (which closes on November 24th) just around the 50% mark.


It’s an interesting look, and I think that those who are fans of the brands I mentioned up front (Xetum and Mühle-Glashütte) would definitely find something to like in the design. And, at the pricing they’re going for, this would be a pretty easy path to go for a nice his-and-hers sort of a combo.  Just cross those fingers that the funding level hits.  If it does, we’ll work to get one in for review.  project page

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model:  Meshable 003
  • Price: Earlybird pricing starts at $260
  • Who we think it might be for: You like Xetum and Mühle-Glashütte designs, but need something a bit friendlier to your wallet
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen?:   Hard to say – the smaller size could be quite wearable, but I’d want to see it in person
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: The numerals on the dial could be a touch larger
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: The mix of design cues from various brands that I have enjoyed

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