Over in England, Carl Evans’ strap brand, GasGasBones, has grown into a bit of a different direction, with watches coming out under the 6B brand name (we wrote about them earlier).  I recently caught wind of his newest watch, the 6B MK III Scramble, which is currently up for pre-order.

In many ways, the 6B MK III Scramble is quite similar to the MK2 that preceded it.  It’s still a chronograph (powered by an ETA 7750), and comes paired with great strap options from GasGasBones.  Where things take a departure is on the dial.  Prior watches have been very much vintage-inspired, with looks that seemed rather pulled from the history books.  With the 6B MK III, that script is changed.

Looking at the 6B MK III Scramble, I could not help myself – this is a chronograph that I really do like the looks of.  With the dial design, things have taken a more modern feel, with more than a touch of geometry thrown in for good measure.  Yeah, it’s still a military-style watch with the Flieger-ish hands, white-on-black palette, and the triangle up at 12 o’clock.  However, have another look at those indices.

Rather than being simple dots, they’re more of a lollipop configuration.  The stick of the ‘pop reaches out to the edge of the dial, but a thinner line also continues off the other side of the pip, reaching into a inner ring that creates some segments.  These bits of white serve to further blend the subdials into the main dial, making them rather unobtrusive on the whole (a good thing in my book for a chronograph to do).

While I am still not much for chronographs, even I have to admit that the 6B MKIII Scramble is quite a stunner.  If you find yourself rowing that same boat, then you’ll want to head on over to the 6B website and get your pre-order in.  The 6B MKIII Scramble is up for pre-order now at pricing of £1595 ($2,063) (prior 6B customers will net an additional £100 discount), with delivery anticipated for July 2017.  6bwatches.com

Watch Overview
  • Brand & Model: 6B MKIII Scramble
  • Price: £1595 ($2,063)
  • Who we think it might be for: You’re looking for a mil-style chronograph with a more modern feel
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen? Given that it’s a chronograph, likely not.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: Keep the basic design the same, but try out a three-hander or GMT implementation
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: The dial, the dial, and, oh, the dial.
Tech Specs from 6B
  • Case without crown 37mm
  • Lug width 18mm
  • Case including crown 40.50
  • 13mm thick
  • Domed crystal anti reflective
  • ETA 7750
  • Solid or display back
  • Presentation
  • Watch will come in an ‘ammo’ box with choice of either black or grey finish.
  • Two straps made by 6B / GGB. one nylon ( shown) one leather on a bund ( optional to fit )
  • One Phoenix NATO G10
  • Leather wallet


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