Kickstarter-funded watches – there seem to be a ton of them these days, in every variety of complications, price points, and vibes. Mont Royal shows up to the scene with two collections funding at the same time – both slick and minimal designs, with classic and interesting details that make them potentially worth a second look.

Chronograph One

The Chronograph One series features a 43mm case, Miyota 6S10 chronograph quartz movement, a range of straps including deployment buckle, and a couple dial colors. I love the combinations presented, and the silver/charcoal/grey with the metal bracelet looks especially handsome. Slick good looks that can skate by with a suit, and really shine on the weekends and during outings and parties.

Classic Chic

Classic Chic series certainly is chic. The faces are minimally styled with thin hands and that stylish Mont Royal logo, with the preportions of the face vs adornemtns giving it a bold, outgoing look. Again, I love the bands, and the silver/charcoal/grey with milanese strap jumps out at me immediately. Maybe I’m in a medal band trend nowadays.. but I just love that black face and stainless steel. Modern, understated, sophisticated.

Standout Features

  • Quick Release Straps – How convenient! Little palls on the springbars of the straps let you change these straps without a change tool, making it super easy. I’ve been seeing these releases more and more lately, and I love it. Especially with this line of watches, which has so many strap options.
  • Domed Sapphire – the curved surface makes for interesting reflections, and although it’s a little more wear prone, it’s sapphire so unlikely to really scratch. I’d be interested to see what the interface between the sapphire and the case looks like – such a small detail, but so critical.
  • Shiny! Based on press pics, this thing looks polished to the max all over – no shiny/matte contrasts.. both of these watches shine all the way around.
  • Solid terminations on the milanese strap – instead of ending with a singed/melted off strap, it looks like Mont Royal goes the extra step (or their supplier does) and puts a little solid metal bar on the end of the strap – nice.

Mont Royal is currently funding on Kickstarter – check them out and lend your support.

ByJeffrey Donenfeld

Wrist Watch Review Writer Jeffrey Donenfeld lives in Colorado and reviews products at his website. An accomplished adventure traveler, antarctic expedition director, and rescue scuba diver, Jeffrey has tested and reviewed watches in a multitude of challenging environments. Jeffrey loves exploring design, construction, materials, and utility aspects of horology, and gets a kick out of both classics as well as fresh new ideas. He typically tests extensively watches he writes about, and provides readers with a real-world, practical take on diverse timepieces. In addition to writing about time, Jeffrey also works as a venture capital investment manager at a growing startup accelerator in Boulder, Colorado. In his free time he travels (70+ countries and counting), snowboards, rock climbs, runs, sails, scuba dives, and occasionally relaxes.

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