Yesterday, I told you about Jason Dill and themicrobrands contributing to give away a watch to people who donate to help him adopt a young girl they fostered. Today, I’m back to tell you that the retailers and microbrand owners continue to show how good people they are, with even more watches being given away.

Besides those fantastic humans conspiring to help raise awareness and money by giving away watches to donors, more have piled on. Emilio Mundula of A Time to Watch was just giving away a Meccaniche Venezeiane Redentore in green for those who donate $50 or more. Now he’s added to that for those who donate at least $250 (each $250 is a chance to win), a Gruppo Gamma Peacemaker Bronze with green dial.

Jon Mack, of Traska, is providing two Freedivers. One black dial/black bezel, and one black dial/steel bezel –

From Ewan Wilson, of Newmark Watch Company, a white-dialed HS chronograph –

From Andy Sealey, of Maals Watches, a “Jump over the Moon” one-hander, winners choice of white or black-

 Eric Goodlock (@goody2141), Derek Love (@chicolabronse), and Eddy Tse (@hked), the guys behind EMG / HKED ( for kicking in our 12th and 13th watches, a green Nemo and a black Emperor.

Some people don’t want to talk about micro brands. Some people only think the best watches are big name brands. Seeing the watch world come together to help one of our friends is really uplifting: good watches, and good people. Be sure to use your name when you donate, and good luck. Even if you don’t win a watch, you’ve already won by helping.

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