As a dedicated lover of cyan, magenta, and yellow I welcome Mr. Jones’ addition to the color – or colour – canon. The Colour Venn uses overlapping translucent circles of yellow, red, and blue to display the time. It has an automatic movement, steel case, and leather strap.

Mr Jones makes mostly fashion watches but this piece was interesting enough to highlight here for a few reasons. First it costs a mere $177 (£145), which makes it a steal for an automatic. Further, it was designed by Mark Champkins, Inventor in Residence at the Science Museum in London. Champkin’s mandate is to make cool things that can educate and entertain for the museum’s visitors and I think he’s nailed it with this one give you can see the interaction of color in real time right on the face of your watch.


To tell the time you look at the intersection of the circles. The colorful intersection points to the hours, minutes, and seconds and the seconds hand goes around constantly, creating numerous color combinations throughout the day.

It’s a fun piece with a noble goal and, like the Mr. Jones of Counting Crows fame, you can show the beautiful women the bright CMY color wheel comin’ through your watch face. Sha la la la la la.

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Last Update: October 17, 2016

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