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Mr. Jones Travels The Continuum




We’ve brought various Mr. Jones watches to your attention this year, and today I’ve got another one for you – but it’s one that I’m not quite sure about.

The watch in question is the Time Traveller, and you can tell right off the bat that this one has something different going on.  Before we get the skyline conglomeration, I want to point out that it has a true 24-hour movement inside the case.  Thus, much like the AirNautic, there’s an inherent learning curve to reading the time.


Further complicating things here is how they’ve decided to implement the hour “hand”.  The simplest way to describe it is to point at the image right above this paragraph.  In summary, you’ll need to pick the iconic building that’s in your timezone to pick out what the time is.

On one hand, this is somewhat clever, and if you do travel around a good bit, this would possibly prevent the need to reset your watch.  It could also make it easier to tell what time it is for someone you’re working with on a distributed team.  For me, though, this just looks like too much clutter on the dial, and would make an already hard-to-learn 24-hour display even more complex.


If you disagree, though, you’ll want to head to the product page and order yours.  With a limited edition of 100 pieces and an asking price of around $200, they could slip away quickly.


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