If you’ve been reading WWR for any amount of time, you’re not going to be surprised that I’m writing about a watch that features damascus steel.  I’ve wrrtten quite a bit about what GoS produces, and I find myself rather enamored of the material and the watches.  Well, the just-announced Musha watch brings that same look, albeit with an (affordable) Japanese flair.

You see, Musha is coming from Japan.  As such, they’ve focusing on the Japanese angle – straps featuring Japanese silk blades, and of course the metal of the case looking an awful lot like the blades of legendary Japanese swords.  Between the braided strap and the damascus steel case, the Musha watch has a very unique look.

And, while unique, it’s not obnoxious or glaring.  In fact, I’d say it’s almost subdued.  The large text on the dial is almost jarring with how bold it is, but I’m going to say most folks aren’t paying much attention to the dial (though, subduing it some could be of benefit).  Instead, the focus is on the damascus steel bezel (most of the rest of the case is traditional steel), and the clever braiding of the silk straps (you also get a leather strap).

Tucked into the Musha is an Epson (aka, Seiko) quartz movement, which of course helps keep cost down (as well as reliability and accuracy).  And that’s the bottom line here – the Musha is a very affordable way to get into a watch with damascus steel on it.  Sure, it’s just on the bezel, really, but it definitely brings that flavor to your wrist.  The Kickstarter project just launched today, and earlybird pricing is just a little over $300.

Tech Specs

  • Manufactured in Japan
  • Case: Grade 316L, Damascus steel (steel oriented for laminated knives), three layers (bezel + body + back case)
  • Movement: Japan EPSON Quartz movement
  • Strap: Silk braid or galuchat leather, both made in Japan
  • Glass: Sapphire glass
  • Water Resistance: 5 atmospheres

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Last Update: May 16, 2018