If it was not obvious by that article title (and the fact that I am writing about this watch), I do have an affinity for Star Trek. I grew up watching reruns of the original series with my dad, and it was not until that last of the first of the recent reboot movies that I saw one in the theater without him. So, to say Trek has a place in my warp drive would be an understatement. Given that, it was a pleasant surprise to run across this NCC-1701 watch.

Offered by the fine folks at ThinkGeek, the NCC-1701 watch is apparently a fully-licensed product, with the NCC-1701 printed on the crystal. Under that crystal is a rather intriguing dial design, which is of course based on the saucer of the Enterprise. Fittingly, the strap carries what would otherwise be called a red racing stripe, pulled from the Enterprise as well.


The handset on the watch looks a bit small from what I can see. This was likely to keep from obscuring the dial, but it does compromise readability a bit. Frankly, I am a little surprised they did not try to incorporate the warp nacelles in as the handset somehow. Then again, that may have been just a tad too hokey.

Be that as it may, I have not run across too many licensed watches for Star Trek, so this NCC-1701 could be a fun option for the Trekkie in your life. And, at a price of $120, it won’t deplete your supply of latinum*. product page

* Note: Yes, I know I mixed series there with the latinum reference, but I don’t recall a currency being used in the original series **

** Note the second: If you care about those discrepancies, you probably didn’t even notice as you were too busy telling the ThinkGeek monkey to shut up and take your money (latinum or otherwise).

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