While Shinola has introduced a number of different styles across their lineup, the Runwell has been a perennial favorite, and has become the basis for a number of different versions (even including desk and wall clocks). While many Runwells have had what I’d call an upscale casual look (with the high-polish cases), they’ve decided to introduce one that’s a bit more rugged – the Shinola Runwell Field Watch.

To look at the Shinola Runwell Field Watch, it’s immediately recognizable as a Runwell, as the dial, indices, and handset are all the same as what we see in other models in the lineup. So, how is it that it’s a field watch, ostensibly in honor of the war efforts Detroit took part in for WWII, and now more recently in producing ventilators to answer the shortages seen in the pandemic?

Well, just as you can say that Detroit is tough and gritty, the Shinola Runwell Field Watch is a tougher version of what came before it. That all comes courtesy of the case. Yes, it has the same profile and shape that we’ve seen before, but it’s definitely been upgraded. First off, have a look at that finish. It’s not just a matte look. It’s actually a carbide coating (which minds me of what is applied to tooling) that gives the case six times the surface hardness of the standard Runwell. What does that mean? Basically, you’re going to have a much harder time scratching and dinging that surface – not impossible, no, but it’ll keep looking new a lot longer.

The other big thing they’v done with the case of the Shinola Runwell Field Watch is they’ve upped the WR rating, from 50m to 100m. Sure, you’re not going to go deep sea diving with that, but for your day-to-day? 100 meters is plenty, whether you’re getting caught in the rain, going for a quick dip in the lake, or just dealing with the vagaries of the outdoors.

Frankly, the outdoors is what the Shinola Runwell Field Watch is meant for. With it’s quartz movement, it’ll take some abuse, and the surface hardening, sapphire crystal, and nylon strap all mean that the watch will be ready for some adventure. You know, just like a field watch should be. The Shinola Runwell Field Watch is available now for $650 directly from Shinola.

Tech Specs from Shinola

  • Strap: Mil-spec nylon
  • WR: 10 ATM (2x the standard Runwell)
  • Crystal: Sapphire, AR coated
  • Case: Carbide coated stainless steel; provides 6x the surface hardness of the standard Runwell
  • Movement: quartz, Argonite 703

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