Hodinkee has some info on a $10,000 NOS Speedmaster Pro from 1969 complete with original box, receipt, and all records. It appears that this watch remained unworn throughout its history and uses the 321 movement, later replaced by the 861. It is, in short, exactly what Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong took into space with them.

his caliber 321 Speedmaster was sold on August 17th, 1968; how do we know? Because it still has the original sales receipt from that day. It comes with a commemorative Olympic box because 1968 was the year Mexico City hosted the summer games. The original steel bracelet is signed January 1968. What makes this watch so incredible (besides the fact that is basically as good as new) is that it is a very late production for the 321 Speedmaster, as by the end of 1968 Omega had switched to the 861 caliber. It was the 321 that was worn on the moon, but because many assume the NASA issued watches were new, many mistakenly look for a Speedmaster with a production date of 1969, which would give you a Speedmaster caliber 861.

You can pick it up here, if you dare.

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