Cobre de Calibre No Date

This mornings, Touch of Modern (join here is you have not done so already) popped up four watches, three of which are former Kickstarter projects I have reviewed in the past.  First up was a favorite I did not pull the trigger on, but am temped to do so now.  The Cobre de Calibre is an automatic watch with a Miyota Calibre 9015, a textured ceramic dial and a sapphire crystal.  The watch is on sale for $365 to $395, depending on the model, a little less that the Kickstarter campaign price.  On offer are 5 models, including the no-date model and the red ricing stripe model.  My take on the watches was posted here, and the sale page is here at ToM.

Pope Watch

Another attractive option is the P-70 from Pope watch Company, a Flieger B-style crossed with a driver’s perforated leather watch strap and packaged with a deployment clasp.  The watch’s homage to WWII planes does not end with the styling, as the caseback is decorated with a bit of pin-up art.  Here is my take on the watch from May of last year.  The ToM pricing, at $500, is a discount from the $600 retail price.  I like the styling of the watch a lot, and the artistic elements are very nice, but I still think that it is a bit steep for a quartz, even with a Swiss Ronda movement.

Lexell Granite

Next is a fairly unique watch, one incorporating stone in the watch.  The bezel, markers and bracelet all use a natural stone to set off the stainless steel case and bracelet.  There are 4 different color/stone combinations up for sale over at ToM.  They are selling for $189, which is not as good a deal as the Kickstarter project, but still a fairly inexpensive option for a unique mix of materials in a Miyota quartz powered watch.  My take on the original project is here.

Ragazzo R1

The last of the 4 watch brands up for sale at ToM is Regazzo, a nice looking clean quartz 3-hander watch.  For $289, you get a Swiss Ronda quartz movement and a double doomed mineral glass crystal in a modern looking package, with a deployment clasp on a leather strap.  You have 2 options, either PVD or rose gold coasted stainless steel.

The sale on these watches ends April 19 at noon Pacific.  Again, if you have not yet joined Touch of Modern (the sales are to web site members only), you can do so for free here.




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Last Update: April 14, 2014