This is a note for all those requesting to “buy” a review on Wrist Watch Review: you can’t. I know it’s fun and seems easy and I know the other guys do it but we don’t. All of the watches we review on the site are actually reviewed from a critical perspective and if a watch doesn’t appear on this site its either because

  1. the company is too snooty to provide review samples (which we return) or
  2. we don’t like the watch and don’t want to go through the trouble of a detailed review for the bottom line to read “Ugh, this thing is awful.”

I know people tell you you have to buy reviews on their site to get coverage, especially if you’re a Kickstarter brand. I’ve been a journalist for 20 years and no one has paid me for a review, good or bad, and they never will. None of my writers will accept payment for reviews. This has cut down many avenues of revenue but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and it gives the little guy a great break.

Want to help support WWR?

You, the reader, can help us by giving to our Patreon but I tried posting this a few times and we got 13 people out of our 100,000 some monthly readers so clearly something didn’t resonate.) You, the watch manufacturer, can buy an ad. Those are the only two ways you can pay us for the pleasure of our company.

So, again, you can’t pay us for a post. You can read us, enjoy us, and understand that we are trying desperately to remain impartial, kind, and honest in a skewed, often unkind, and sometimes dishonest industry. Thanks.

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Last Update: August 4, 2017

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