A small startup called Luxury Watch Rolls is crowdfunding some interesting-looking travel cases for your tickers. Priced at $95 for a single slot model the cases are made of leather and have a soft internal structure and ingenious watch mounting system.

The cases come in multiple sizes including a three-watch model for folks who can’t leave their house without dragging a half-dozen watches with them.

From the site:

The innovative luxury design of our watch rolls allow watches to be stored in a high quality, entirely handcrafted roll. The exterior of the watch roll is made of Italian vegetable-tanned leather, and each edge is hand oil painted in the French style. The use of this style of edge finishing removes the possibility of frayed edging providing the highest durability. The contrasting deep brown interior of the watch roll is the softest material for maximum protection against scratches. Each watch pillow is removable on a sliding rail for easy access (with no metal snaps to risk damaging your watch). Each pillow has it’s own individual compartment inside the watch roll, with sturdy fixed separators providing the greatest protection against damage. The watch roll has a flat base to prevent unintentional rolling or tipping.

The double slot unit costs $126 while the three-slot unit costs $156. It’s a bit pricey but don’t your watches deserve first-class travel too?

You can check out the site here.

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Last Update: June 1, 2022