As a brand, I’d say that Vilhelm is not afraid to take chances with their designs. We saw that with their inaugural Elemental (covered here) or the Talos (here) which took the Elemental design and mixed up the materials used. Well, now we’ve got a fully new design, along with one of our favorite materials making the debut in the Vilhelm Prism.

Let’s start with materials. The Vilhelm Prism is offering up an alternative to the steel sport watch by bringing us a case and bracelet made of titanium, which is no slouch whatsoever. You’ll get toughness and durability, but an overall lighter package than you would otherwise with steel.

Now, on to design. If you had to pick a single word to describe the Vilhelm Prism, it would be “angles”. Just as car designs can drift from curves being the favored shape to sharp edges, we can see that taking place in watches as well. That’s much less seasonal, of course. Here, you’ve got all manner of angles, though hopefully with the sharp edges rounded and beveled off a bit.

Tucked into the case of the Vilhelm Prism you’ve either got a Sellita SW200 (in the smoked dials) or a STP6-15 skeletonized movement (in the open dials). Either way, you’re getting yourself a Swiss movement – which, combined with the titanium, seems like we’d be setup for sticker shock. Here, that’s not the case. The smoked dial version of the Vilhelm Prism starts at $653, and the skeletonized one comes in at $842.

The campaign for the Vilhelm Prism is running until September 3, 2020, and has already hit its funding goal. We know the brand has delivered before, so it seems like there should be a great chance of this watch getting into backer’s hands in January 2021. You can check out all the details over at the campaign page.

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Vilhelm Prism
  • Price: $653 (smoked dial) / $842 (skeleton dial)
  • Who we think it might be for: You’re looking for a sports watch that is full of angles and isn’t made from steel
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I?ve seen? Titanium plus a blue dial? It’s tempting!
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: Aside from the use of titanium, it’s the bold embracing of angles, angles everywhere!

Tech Specs from Vilhelm

    • Grade 2 Titanium Case & Bracelet 
    • Swiss Sellita SW200 
    • 100WR
    •  Grade 2 Titanium Case & Bracelet
    • Swiss STP6-15 Skeleton
    • 100WR
  •  Case dimensions
    • 40mm Case
    • 45mm lug to lug
    • 12mm thickness 
  • LUG WIDTH: 22MM; tapers to 20MM at the Buckle

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