I was going through my Marketplace, there on the side, and found this odd-looking Omega Seamaster. It’s got a light blue face. But why? Can someone give me some answers?
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  1. It is real, it is the electric blue face. Quite interesting looking, unique. Definitely will turn more heads than the standard Bond Seamaster.

  2. I am on my second one, the first I got grey market on the web, of course, and sold at close to a $300 profit. I hope to do a bit better with the second one. Nice hobby. Omega rocks, and even though Rolex, PP, El Primero, etc., are up there and better than Omega/Swatch, Omega is the poor man’s (spelled upper middle class, if it still exists) watch. The ETA 2892A2/Omega 1120 23-jewel chronometer movement is quite good, within COSC specs, and I’ve never seen it gain or lose more than 2 seconds per day. Not a co-axial, but sufficient. You want accuracy, buy a Seiko with a 7T62 chrono-alarm movement. The Omega SMP has the Speedy SS band and the ‘electric blue’ with silver bezel is awesome, for young and old alike.

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