We’ve focused on a variety of different items you might want to take with you to the gym, including fitness-tracking watches and even shoes.  One thing we’ve never really talked about were socks.  And, well, why would we?  Socks themselves are pretty boring, and most folks just are going to opt for whatever inexpensive cotton ones they can find.  Myself, I’ve become very partial to the Darn Tough wool socks, and use those for my primary workout (and daily wear) socks, as they’re warm, moisture wicking, and pretty odor resistant.  Well, these socks from MP Magic Socks are looking to take the odor resistance up a few notches.

How are you going to make a sock – or any piece of clothing – odor resistant?  It’s going to boil down to the materials.  Wool, for example, is just naturally odor-resistant, unlike cotton which seems to soak up whatever it can find.  With the MP Magic Socks, they’ve focused in on what causes odor in socks, primarily bacteria.  To combat that, they’ve infused three different metals – silver, copper, and zinc.  These all attack the problem in slightly different ways, but together, they all work to keep the bacteria in your socks under control, helping to keep odor down.

Now, if you’re just headed to the gym, and then the socks hit the wash, the odor isn’t the biggest thing in the world.  But, what about being out and about all day in hot weather, and then kicking off your shoes at the end of the day?  If you could keep things smelling, well, if not like flowers, at least not something awful, that’s a win.  And that is precisely what the MP Magic Socks are offering.

Their Kickstarter is currently live, and you can pick up a pair of socks (either sport or holiday) starting at just $9, which isn’t too bad to try something out to see if they work for you.  I can’t vouch for these, as we’ve not seen them in person (yet, but we’re working on that) but it seemed like an interesting idea.  Then again, they don’t carry the lifetime warranty that my Darn Tough’s do, so, it’s a mixed bag.  If foot odor is something you’re fighting against, though, these MP Magic Socks might be something you’ll want to check out.  Campaign Page

Last Update: November 7, 2018