The next aspect that struck me was also size related, and concerns the strap.  Normally, if you told me that there was a 20mm strap on a 42mm watch, I’d tell you that was a bad size mismatch.  However, here on the Orange Monster, it works well.

I think in large part this is due to how it flares out right at the lugs before narrowing back down.  This gives the visual impact of a wider strap.  Also of note?  The strap is rather comfortable.

Now, that shot I have over there to the left is a “cheater” of sorts (I used a blacklight flashlight to get the shot), but rest assured, even with regular lighting, you’ll be able to read this in a dark room very easily.  Heck, go to sleep, wake up, and it’ll still be the brightest (non-tritium) watch on your nightstand.

And now for the remaining features I haven’t covered:

  • 200m water resistance
  • 120 click uni-directional bezel
  • Screw-down bezel
  • Day-date display (with choice of language on the day)

All told, this is a solid watch that would be a solid recommendation for anyone you’re looking to buy a watch for – especially if the person hasn’t had a mechanical watch before.  Just be sure to let the intended recipient know that the watch has to be worn to keep it running (no hand-wind here).  Outside of that, it has the right combination of style, durability, tech, and price (easily under $200 if you search around), and is a solid addition to anyone’s collection.

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