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Orient Introduces The Star Standard In White



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For whatever reason, watches with white dials have really been drawing my eye as of late, I find myself thinking about swapping in sort of white dial piece that will work as a dressier watch.  Today’s entry from Orient may be just the thing (unless someone has a spare one of these laying around they could send over).

The Orient Star Standard (ref. DV02003W) houses one of Orient’s newest automatic movements, the 40751.  This is an automatic that features hand-wind and hacking, as well as the date complication.  This is housed in a 40mm case (11.6mm thick) with 22mm lugs, and a sapphire crystal up front.


That crystal is also featuring a new sort of AR coating that Orient is labelling Super Anti-Reflective (you can read more about it here).  Basically, it looks to be a multi-layer coating on both sides of the crystal that reduces reflections, as well as improving scratch resistance and stain resistance.

With the (I assume) stamped dial in white and applied chromed indices, this truly has a feel of a dressier piece, at least in my opinion.  To be sure, it would likely fit in well for daily duty, perhaps swapped onto a leather strap (rich chocolate brown, perhaps) of your choice.


For me, though, it would probably stay on the bracelet, and pull for dress duty.  Then again, at an asking price of $880 (the ever-present discount codes* reduce this, of course), I wouldn’t likely want this collecting dust in the watch box either.

* The current code of spring2013 knocks 30% off, bringing the price down to $615


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