Actor James Gandolfini may prefer the Kobold SEAL but gangster Tony Soprano’s crew has evidently strong armed control of Oris.

Earlier in the season, on Episode #72 of The Sopranos, Chris Moltisanti visited Hollywood to pursue his dreams of making a horror film classic. He met with actor Sir Ben Kinglsey to discuss the lead role in his opus, but Kingsley was distracted by all the free goodies in The Luxury Lounge. Chris staggered in awe of the expensive swag just thrown at celebrities and one of the main booths featured was Oris. The Oris rep gave Kingsley a “classic chrono” for his nephew and an “elegant” timepiece for himself. Prominently displayed behind the rep was the Oris logo. How prominently was the Oris placement? Enough for Jon Fine to give it an egregiousness rating of 8.5 in an article for Business Week Online.

Oris got another gangster plug on tonight’s showing of Episode #75. On the lam from his former colleagues and needing money, Vitto takes work as a handyman on a New Hampshire farm. Bored to tears with hammering nails instead of hammering on deadbeats, Vitto checks the time, expecting his day to be half-over. He’s shocked to see just how many hours of manual labor he has left, but we’re given a nice, close-up shot of another Oris timepiece.

So, it looks like The Soprano crew has taken care of that thing. You know, that timekeeping thing. With the Oris guys. It’s all handled.

2 thoughts on “Oris and La Cosa Nostra”
  1. Gosh, I thought I was the only watch nerd who noticed Vito’s Oris last night.

    So far, I’ve been able to determine this lineup for the rest of the crew:

    Tony: Rolex, a President, I think
    Chistopher: Cartier Roadster chrono
    Paulie Walnuts: Movado museum of some sort (I don’t get it, either).


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    this my first time buying some expensive watch …

    thank you 🙂

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