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Now Funding: Agelocer Moonphase


I know that we’ve had a lot of crowd-funding watches up as of late, but there’s also been a slew of rather interesting ones. Today, we’ve got a watch that we’ve actually got a loaner in for review as well, but we wanted to get a quick article up about the campaign launch so you could check it out while we prepare our review. Now, on to the Agelocer Moonphase!

Now Funding: Olto-8 Infinity II


As I wrote in yesterday’s article, it takes something special to make a Kickstarter watch stand out for me. Sometimes it’s something I’d really consider buying for myself, and others I can applaud the creativity while it’s not something I’d necessarily want to wear myself. It’s that latter category that I find the Olto-8 Infinity II landing.

Now Funding: Valimor Caliburnus II


When I’m looking at watch projects that hit Kickstarter, I tend to feel a bit jaded. To put it simply, there is a lot of cut-and-paste catalog garbage out there. I mean, if you need to use a catalog case to control costs for the rest of your unique design? I’m good with that, especially if you’re starting out. However, if you really want to to stand out, create something really interesting, visually – just like the Valimor Caliburnus II.

Introducing the GoS Norrsken


Yesterday we had a green watch, and would you look at that – today, we’ve got another green watch, with another very, very interesting dial. Friends, meet the GoS Norrsken.

Introducing: Mido Ocean Star 200C


As we’re well aware, this last year has seen a surge in the number of remote meetings that we’ve all had to attend. One side benefit for us watch writers is that many new product presentations have also gone to virtual meetings, giving us easier access to these launches (rather than necessarily needing to travel to, say, Switzerland). Recently, we got to see some interesting products coming from Mido, and we’ll cover the first one today: the Mido Ocean Star 200C.

Introducing the Hamilton Intra-Matic Chronograph H


For watches, many times we see the same movements, over and over again, in a variety of watches. And you know, that’s just fine, as that scale gets your reliability and serviceability (much like the same drivetrain showing up in different cars). But, if a watch brand wants to do something different – and happens to be part of the Swatch Group – then they can whip up a new movement specifically for the watch, like what was done for the Hamilton Intra-Matic Chronograph H.

Frederique Constant, the Monolithic escapement, and what’s up with silicium escapements, anyway


Frederique Constant, the Swiss watch manufacture that along with Alpina is owned by Citizen, have just announced that they’re doing away with the balance and hair spring in a new movement, and replacing it with silicon, called the Monolithic escapement. It’s a little more involved than that.

Now Funding: The Crepas Magnum Opus


Is the greatest watch collection Crepas will ever produce? Well, only time will tell that. Didn’t stop them from put the grand name onto this new collection, though, did it? Let’s jump into what the three watches are of the Crepas Magnum Opus collection – and quick-like, as this campaign closes out in a few days.

Introducing the Pynchon Negotium


Ah, yes, the negotium. Oh, wait, wrong meme train of thought. No, you see, the Pynchon Negotium is capitalizing on the Latin word, which means that this is a watch for business people doing business things. Not conquering Everest, not exploring the Marianas Trench or setting land speed records. No, the Pynchon Negotium is for heading into the office.

Introducing the Breitling Top Time Deus Limited Edition


When it comes to Breitling, you may (or at least, I do) associate them with things going on in the sky. And that’s fair, as a number of their watches are aimed at pilots, and certainly have lots of hooks into that world. But that’s not to say they don’t have their eyes set on land-based activities, as the recently-announced Breitling Top Time Deus Limited Edition showcases.