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TO Watch


Very cute piece with two rotating disks designed by Issey Miyake. Priced at $350, I like the recessed band.

Check it out here.

My Blancier Article in InSync


I wrote a profile of Blancier for InSync magazine, one of the best titles out there for U.S. watch coverage—I’m not just saying that, either. Go and get yourself a copy and read some of their great Basel coverage and to read my interviews with Willem Kamerman and Till Lottermann, two of the coolest watch ninjas out there.

Our Review Policy


Dear Readers,

I recently got off the phone with the founder of a watch brand who was recently discussed on this site. He was very calm and polite, and because he was extremely civil and willing to negotiate, I agreed with his wishes to have a negative opinion piece removed from WWR. The threat of a lawsuit was tossed out during this discussion, and, as WWR is a labor of love and the many advertisements I have on the site barely pays for hosting fees, I am unwilling and unable to retain legal council when these sorts of things come up, the threat of which is real and has a chilling effect on electronic discourse. Therefore, I will state the following and this should be used as a guide for anyone else wishing to threaten legal action.

The Barcode Clock


A very cute barcode clock. The bottom LEDs show the hour and the minutes appear in green. Now if they could REALLY show the time in barcode and made you figure it out, that would be cool. But what do you want for $35?

Check it out here.

Lastminute Auction – Under $1, Under 1 Hour


A buddy of mine, Juergen, has created an incredible eBay auction dealie that only shows auctions that are under $1 and have under 1 hour to go. Need a bunch of crappy watches for .99? Check it out. There actually might be some good deals on there…

Check it out here.

Stop the Insanity


It’s as if this damn MP3 watch is infiltrating pockets of the world and people don’t realize how absolutely shitty these things are. I mean Fiddy could sell some kind of squirt gun or whatever, make little gang bangers, and yet he decides to flog a crappy MP3 watch. Are the manufacturers giving these things out for free?

Check it out here.

WatchReport in the Times


Watch ninja Chris Cantrell over at WatchReport got a nice write-up in the New York Times today.

I caught him reading articles at a watch review site called Watchreport.com.

Confronted, he pointed to his rubberized wristband.

“It’s ripping apart,” he said.

Upon inspection, this proved true. But the model I saw on screen was no mere replacement. According to the review, the new $200 Casio G-Shock GW-400J came with features like a vibrating alarm, a countdown timer, a thermometer and a moon-phase indicator. To synchronize daily, it received radio waves transmitted by atomic clocks.

The only thing that stood between my husband and that watch was that Casio had released the GW-400J for sale only in Asia.

“I bet you could find it for me on the Internet,” he said.

Review: Glycine Combat Chronograph


An excellent review by Alex on TimeZone of a sub-$1000 chrono. I love the red hands.

Dial: This is the interesting part of the watch. I haven???t seen a black dial chronograph watch with all red color writings and hands. Since Glycine names this watch model as Combat Chronograph, I guess the red-on-black color scheme matches its name well, and it looks cool.

The Combat Chronograph also came in other color dials, but in my opinion the red/black dial is the coolest looking one.

There is a Tachymeter on the inside ring of the bezel. It creates a deep and sporty bezel appearance, another nice touch.

Read the rest here.

Portuguese Minute Repeater Squelette


This is a limited edition IWC that looks like the rats got to it. Purdy sexy.

Check it out here.

Preview of the MMT Blackwater by Mk II


More incredible work by Bill Yao. This is badass piece.

Read all about it here.