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Review – Military Watches Mall Divers Review


Military Watches Mall is a pretty well-known eBay seller who offers some nice quartz divers with some sexy, sexy looks. At about $23 each, you really can’t go wrong. v_roomy looks at his two acquisitions.

The first one I opened was the black PVD ???plongeur??? model on the olive NATO strap. I was immediately struck by the quality of the PVD finish ??? beautiful, surprisingly lustrous (I???d expected a matt finish) and very consistently applied. The bezel operates quite precisely, though does not feel as well machined as the bezel of my ORSA (a comparison many people will make, given the styling similarities). The strap is of decent quality, with good solid buckles rather than the roughly plated ???tin??? you sometimes find on these NATO look-alikes ??? I???m not sure whether the black watch and olive strap are an ideal colour combination, though!

Check out the review here

$99 Digital Eye Wristwatch Camera


Want a quick, easily accesible way to take pictures? Take pictures with your wristwatch! The Digital Eye is the next generation wristwatch-Camera which allows you to take pictures in full color with excellent resolution. Store and display up to 36 pictures and then download them straight to your PC using the included dock.

Probably a hunk of crap, but who knows.

Check it out here.

Bell & Ross Belgian Grand Prix


Bell & Ross has just announced the Belgian Gran Prix chrono, a charming looking little piece. I’m getting the full specs as we speak. A Gran Prix? In Belgium? Wouldn’t they all stop for beer and pomme frites the whole time?

Hmmmm… a Ferrari or a Vacheron?


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Gee, I just happen to have a bit more than three hundred grand burning a hole in my pocket. I was goofing around on eBay and now I just can’t decide between a 1954 Vacheron Constantin 4261 Minute Repeater in platinum or a 1991 Ferrari F40. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

If you need to tell time, and most of us here cherish the act of timekeeping, then check out the Vacheron auction here. Got absolutely no clue if it’s for real or not.

If you need transportation, or maybe to catch the eye of a young lady, then check out the Ferrari auction here.

We Know Who They’re Talking About, Why Not Name Names?


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I was on a short flight the othe day and picked up Southwest’s Spirit magazine. The September 2005 issue features USC quarterback Matt Leinart on the cover and short piece in the Style section called Wrist Watching. This one page round up mentions what we’ve known for some time now, that “watches are no longer a singular piece designed to be worn day in and day out, year after year. They are accessories to be bought and changed often, depending on your mood.” The article contains pictures of several watches, some we might question, including a $275 Emporio Armani piece, a $2,490 Concord Saratoga, a $85 EOS Speedway, a $4,300 Tutima F2 Power Reserve Limited Edition Chronograph, a $1,150 Movado Museum Automatic Cushion, and the $486 G Unit MP3 Watch.

What’s weird is that the article attributes the watch craze. After pointing out that watches can be changed depending on your mood, the piece states “leave it to Hollywood to be at the forefront of this trend. Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been collectors for years.” Now, you know, and I know, and the Paneristi damn sure know, exactly what Sly and Arnold have been collecting for years, but why doesn’t the article state the name?

Amazing Collection, Great Pics


A couple of weeks ago, FratelloWatches picked up a fantastic collection of watches posted on TimeZone. It seems like Kelly M. Rayburn has one helluva watch collection and a fine talent for photography as well. It’s a good thing that John is off enjoying the bosom of the motherland, because he would surely be drooling over the Omegas in this collection. Although I’m most enamored by this exquisite Eberhard. Check out the entire collection here.

Kobold Auction to Benefit Hurricane Relief


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You might remember our great interview with Michael Kobold of Kobold Watches. From WatchReport, I leaned about this charity auction to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims. Endorsed by the Red Cross, the auction includes a Kobold SEAL Avantgarde with both a NATO strap and a hand-stitched alligator strap, a wooden collector’s box signed by Kobold and celebrity endorser James Gandolfini, a promotional poster signed by Gandolfini, and a DVD set of The Sopranos signed by Gandolfini. For more details on this fantastic opportunity to get a great watch and help the hurricane victims, please check out the Kobold website here.

High Frequency by Equalizer


Cutting edge! Equalizer! Watch! After receiving the first samples of this watch, our staff here, were in shock. We all stood looking at this watches, and said to each other things like, “It should sell for well over 20,000 Yen” or “This is the most futuristic watch I have ever seen” or “People are going to go crazy over this watch” or “Will we have enough stock?”. Zoom! Zip!
Cool. Very cool.

High Frequency by Equalizer



Ok. I’m off to Poland for a week with the wife and child-to-be. Got to settle my head a bit so I’ll be enjoying lots of fine sausage and good beer.

Seiko Worldwide Atomic Solar Watch


WatchReport checks out another nice atomic Seiko.

If you’re a regular Watch Report reader, you know how much I love the combination of atomic and solar, which usually means Casio. It looks like Seiko is getting serious about their atomic solar collections, however, and has announced the first atomic watch which works worldwide. Of course, “worldwide” means wherever there is an atomic clock, which is Japan (Fukushima and Kyushu), Germany (Frankfurt), and the US (Fort Collins, Colorado). In contrast, the atomic Casios I have only work in Japan and the US (and unfortunately, Casio makes plenty that only work in Japan).

Read the rest here.