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Space LED Watch


LED-Watch has dropped another goodie, the Space watch. Similar to the gunmetal version, this hot little number looks like it should be jetting off with Buck Rogers. Full reviews forthcoming.

Check out more info here.

My Love/Hate Relationship


I’m using Windows Vista right now because my Mac Mini EXPLODED and is being repaired. Vista is pretty cool.

This is also why I haven’t been posting much.

eMachineShop – Online Machine Shop


Ummm… are you thinking what I’m thinking? My own cases?

Check out the site here.

The HangTime ACDC Ohms Law Watch – Instant Sex


I like my Ohm’s Law as much as the next guy. That’s why this is going on my belt.

Our newest product features
both our AC and DC Ohm’s law
formulas and incorporates our
unique resistor band color chart.
You will have the AC formulas
on the inside and the DC
formulas etched onto the flip
down cover. It swivels and
rotates up and around so the
watch faces you as you view it.

It also features a Seiko
movement, sweep
seconds-hand, a lifetime
warranty, and a beautiful deluxe
tin box – perfect for gift giving!

Sweep seconds-hand?

Check it out here

1972 Royal Navy MOD Sub


Adam at EoT found this incredible-looking Rolex. Looks like something James Bond wore in basic training.

“Large stainless steel case, with brushed case sides, fixed strap bars, screw down Rolex crown, and acrylic crystal. Fitted with the 60 minute marker bezel unique to the military issue Rolex Submariner. Screw case back with military issue markings. Original black dial with luminous dot and baton hour markers, outer minute marks, and signed Rolex Oyster Perpetual, 660ft=200m, Submariner, and Swiss T-25, with a white T in a circle. Original white metal sword hour hand, pencil minute hand, and arrow centre seconds hand. Nickel plated Rolex calibre 1520 movement with hacking seconds (seconds hand stops when the winder is pulled out to allow time synchronisation). The watch is fitted with a NATO-style nylon strap. It is estimated that around 1,250 Rolex Submariner watches (ref. 5513 and 5517) were bought by the British Ministry of Defence and issued up until the late 1970s. Model ref. 5513”

Check it out here.

Excellent Collection Shots


I love me a few good shots of Speedies in the wild. But dig that Eberhard!

Check out the rest here.

Honking Big Clearance


Bulovas, SPOTs, 121Time, and More!
Drop me a line at john @ wristwatchreview dot com if you’re innarested.

External Regulator


Amazing new addition for knob-twiddlers – An external regulator!

Check it out here.

Charlize Flogs for Raymond Weil


Dude, this lady CANNOT be the same lady that starred in Monster.

Check out the post here.

COSC Chronometer Certification Down for 2004


Timezone has some info on COSC Certification for 2004. COSC Certification is a pretty arbitrary certification of a time-piece, allowing it to be considered a “superlative chronometer” or some such pish-posh. It looks nice on the face and makes your watch more ‘spensive.

The number of timepieces registered fell by 10.4%, to 1,137,716 (1,104,691 in the mechanical category, -10.6%, and 33,025 in the quartz category, -3.8%). “In view of the behaviour of watch markets in 2004, this result could be seen as surprising,” writes the COSC in its annual report. “The findings must however be viewed in a relative context, possibly reflecting a depletion of stocks,” it points out

Read the rest here.