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Photos – Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk II Pro


Oh, I do like this beast. 2000 meters, power reserve, and it’s as big as a dinner plate. Great photos by Patrick.

Check them out here.

Custom Vostok


Bibletoter at the PMWF created this custom Vostok. Very cute idea: print out a face, glue it on, and you’ve got a brand new watch. Who needs enamel when you’ve got paper?

Check it out here.

Review: The Tutima Classic Flieger GMT


Mmmmm… me like.

As should be apparent, I’m really impressed with the overall value of this watch. It has many design and construction details which would not be out of place on a much higher priced watch. With the exception of the buckle and possibly the strap, I’m not aware of any watches which are its equal at the price. The fact that it uses an ETA 2892-based movement instead of an ETA 2824 already distinguishes it from most of the similarly priced competition.

Take a look here.

The Rolex GMT Page


I like it. I really like it. But it’s a ROLEX! I can’t buy a ROLEX! That’s like buying a Lexus!

Check out the entire great page here.

The Hunt for the GMT


Ok, people. I’ve got a bug up my ass. I want a GMT. It can be a Rolex or Omega, I don’t care, but we’re expecting, so I can’t go dumping all kinds of cash on something massive. I did my GMT round-up, I enjoyed the pieces that I got, but I’m just not satisfied. Any ideas?

Chinese Tourbillions, the Snakehead of the Watch Industry


Velociphile takes a close look at the rise of the Chinese tourbillions. What was once an expensive complication is now commonplace. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Good quality watches have always been available cheap, think Seiko 7s26, and even high complications such as rattrapante and repetition have their cheap functional examples in Western makers (Nivrel, Kelek, ETA etc) and that doesn’t prevent sales of more expensive versions. But if the Chinese begin to manufacture complications like this, a) at high volume, b) with super low prices, and critically, c) provide ‘Western’ companies with these kind of high complication base movements, the question is how do the Swiss maintain a clear “luxury premium” buffer?

Read the rest here.

Nutty Japanese Site – NUTS


I don’t know what’s going on here, but it looks like a real nice site. The pieces are all under $1000 and there are a few crazy looking Gehry watches that I wouldn’t mind wearing.

Check it out here.

Review – Up Close with the Asteroids Watch


Got my hands on a pre-production model of the Fossil Asteroids watch and was pleasantly surprised. It’s quite a beefy watch and makes interesting use of Fossils unique LCD technology. The screen is actually the Asteroids playing field complete with rolling asteroids and the little triangle spaceship.

RSS Feeds on your SPOT Watch


Make Magazine has a long, if complex, HOW-TO on sending RSS feeds to your SPOT watch. Very cool.
So, when I saw that MSN had a new filter blog site, I was hoping to see the tech news added to MSN Direct, it wasn’t.
You can add alerts for MSN filter (phone, email and MSN Messenger, but again no SPOT watch data). I signed up, only because it’s an easy way to get one of my computers to have alerts on it.

Check it out here.

Good Watch Coverage in the Slicks


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Just got back from the bookstore and caught up on my magazine buying. There are several watchie items in the slicks this month. After the jump, there are details of watch coverage in Vitals, Stuff, and Men’s Health.