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Let’s Welcome AudioMonger.com


header.png Let’s all get together and welcome the latest member of the BWL family – AudioMonger.com. Edited by Blake Robinson of NOLA, AudioMonger is about music – the bands, the guitars, the lifestyle. AudioMonger isn’t about East Coast/West Coast, Hipster vs. Emo, it’s about good music and good writing.


LV Speedy Twilight


speedyillusm.jpgLadies in the house, put up ya hands. Oh, none of you are wearing this silly little Louis Vuitton watch? The one with diamonds that light up in the shape of the Eiffel Tower?

Oh, well.

Speedy Twilight [wristfashion.com]

Fossil Canning Wrist Computers?


Fossil Abacus AU5005 Wrist PDA with Palm OS - Black

Looks like there’s a big move afoot to can the SPOT and Palm OS PDA watches.

Fossil removed all MSN smartwatches and Palm OS PDA watches from their site. A couple weeks ago Fossil.com was dumping the Fossil Palm OS Wrist PDA for $79 until it was sold out. Now together with the MSN smart watches they are gone from their site – Another dead end for computer wristwatches?

You can still get them for about $49, which is a pretty good deal. I enjoyed the one I wore for a while, but it just wasn’t very practical.

Click the image to pick it up at Amazon for about $44.

Fossil Stopped Selling Technology Wristwatches [WristDreams]

God… Why Do I Love the Big Bang So Much?



And why am I so jealous that someone over at the BWF got one?

I must have tried on almost every imaginable brand in search of my next watch, some well known & others not…IWC, De Bethune, Breguet, JLC, UN, PP, FP Journe, RM, Chronoswiss, Vulcain, Pierre Kuntz, Heutlance, Omega,!!!!!!!!!!

Photos on all of the above will follow soon, as there were many highlights from my search.

My first watch acquisition for 2006 & I never even considered it before [BIG Watches Forum]

Great Big Custom Watch


I love watching custom pieces take shape. This one is no exception:

First, a friend of mine fabricated a case modeled after the MM20 with a custom broze crown tube and a sterile stainless steel back. He also fabricated a sandwich dial from a brass blank and modeled it after the MM20 minus the seconds sub-dial. Next, I finished the top sandwich dial with a flat black and flat clear coat to give it a vintage look. I also relumed the dial and hands with a custom blend of lume to give it a nice pantina look. The final steps were to polish the whole case and use the “wabi” technique to rough it up a bit. This was followed by putting everything together to make the Unitas movement fit and pressing on a new plastic crystal, which was done by my watch maker.

New to the Board and wanted to share my project watch… [BIG Watch Forum]

MB&F – New Watch Brand – You Know, For Kids



Interesting, if slim, press release on a new watch brand by Maximillian Bu?sser. Just so Maximillian doesn’t slip a disc, these things are going to be for adults only! He says:

And at 150’000US$ the first watch, I don’t expect many children to be able to access MB&F !

After seven years at the head of Harry Winston Timepieces, transforming
what was a small entity of the iconic New York jeweller into one of the global
leaders in high-end watchmaking, Maximilian Bsser has set upon creating
the first ever Horological Concept brand “MB&F”.

Reveal Watch

reveal-inside.jpgJust spoke to Jack Markuse over at Projects-US and we talked about his new Reveal watch, which I’ll be reviewing shorting. I saw this in person at the MoMA store in New York and it’s very nice. It’s a standard Citizen quartz but the inner disks rotate to show only the time at hand. Very meta-timekeeping-equse.

Product Page [Reveal]

Krunker » Backside Watch

Clever little piece. It’s a quartz watch that is completely backwards. It runs backwards and you read the time through the little window, much like an early digital. It’s apparently sold/created by openconcepts.info, but the site is all in Russian. Any takers?

Backside Watch [Krunker]

Infinity Optics Ultra-Violet Watch


Break out the Zepplin and the bong because this baby has a black light. The Ultra-Violet glows under a black light LED and uses an infinite mirror to make things trippy as all get out. Dubious quality, but high cool.
Infinity Optics watch [TokyoFlash]

Citizen Configurable Atomic Clock


configurableclock_small.jpgFascinating clock by Citizen. It has three modes – 12-hour, 24-hour, AND a reverse mode for looking at it in a mirror. Plus it’s atomic, so it never has to be set. The reverse mode is the freakiest because it assumes you don’t have enough room in your bathroom to put this thing up in front of you so you can only look at it in a mirror.

Configurable Radio Controlled Clock [The Red Ferret Journal]