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IP Black by Pimp


What’s that? You feel like pimpin’ some mo’? Well, why not try this weird bastard.

irst of all this watch is a limited production! So hurry up and buy one for your 3 year old daughter. It comes in either White or Yellow and it’s lights shine brighter than any mcdonalds, pokemon or watch out. The time is read by reading the hours on the left and the minutes on the right. When the button is pressed for the time it will spiral all the lights on and off then show the time. Press the button again and the day and date will be displayed. The light up feature, the watch lights up every light in a spiral and then off in a spiral every 2 minutes from 6 PM to 1 AM.

Check it out here.

Omega Ranchero – Ranchero?


OmegaBlogger graces us with some pix of his Ranchero. He also has Taco Flavor and Vinegar and Salt Omegas, but they’re being repaired.

Check it out here.

Review – Tissot T-Navigator 3000


WatchReport does it again with an in-depth review of the T-Navigator 3000.

The Tissot Navigator 3000 is the newest in Tissot’s line of “Touch Screen” watches. The Touch Screen collection is comprised of four watches (the T-Touch, the High-T, the Silen-T, and the Navigator 3000) which are primarily operated by touching the sapphire crystal in various locations as opposed to pushing buttons.

Read the rest here.

Tissot T-Navigator 3000 Men Black Leather T96.1.428.52Pick up a Tissot T-Navigator here.

Swatch Group Cracks Down


OmegaBlogger pointed out this interesting article on the Swatch group’s efforts to kill fakers.

Speaking to Khaleej Times yesterday Elsa Emch said the Swatch Group is committed to protecting the rights of its customers around the world and it will do whatever possible within its strengths to protect its customers from fake products. ???We will work closely with our local dealers to make sure that there is adequate brand awareness among customers in the region. A number of initiatives will be taken to enhance customer education, while brand awareness in the region will be increased through extensive media campaign and distinctive outlets.???

All the brand awareness in the world won’t stop folks from picking up a $40 Seamaster.

Check it out here.

Dat Watch is FUGLY


The lads at PMWF are showing off their ugly watches. Why don’t they just dump the Invicta catalog up there and leave it at that?

Ugly watch contest come on lets show em off people Post contains Picture(s)

Inside the Seiko Spring Drive


Great in depth look at the Spring Drive from one of Timezone’s finest.

And so we come to the latest Seiko innovation, the Spring Drive. Although virtually all mechanical watches use a spring as a power source, the Spring Drive is extremely unique in that it dispenses with the 300+ year old idea of a mechanical escapement for the regulation of time. The result is a watch that avoids the age-old problems associated with mechanical escapements such as hairsprings, delicate balance wheels, pallet forks, and escape wheels (not to mention maintenance issues).

Seiko Spring Drive: A Revolution in Time – TimeZone

Review – Military Watches Mall Divers Review


Military Watches Mall is a pretty well-known eBay seller who offers some nice quartz divers with some sexy, sexy looks. At about $23 each, you really can’t go wrong. v_roomy looks at his two acquisitions.

The first one I opened was the black PVD ???plongeur??? model on the olive NATO strap. I was immediately struck by the quality of the PVD finish ??? beautiful, surprisingly lustrous (I???d expected a matt finish) and very consistently applied. The bezel operates quite precisely, though does not feel as well machined as the bezel of my ORSA (a comparison many people will make, given the styling similarities). The strap is of decent quality, with good solid buckles rather than the roughly plated ???tin??? you sometimes find on these NATO look-alikes ??? I???m not sure whether the black watch and olive strap are an ideal colour combination, though!

Check out the review here

$99 Digital Eye Wristwatch Camera


Want a quick, easily accesible way to take pictures? Take pictures with your wristwatch! The Digital Eye is the next generation wristwatch-Camera which allows you to take pictures in full color with excellent resolution. Store and display up to 36 pictures and then download them straight to your PC using the included dock.

Probably a hunk of crap, but who knows.

Check it out here.

Bell & Ross Belgian Grand Prix


Bell & Ross has just announced the Belgian Gran Prix chrono, a charming looking little piece. I’m getting the full specs as we speak. A Gran Prix? In Belgium? Wouldn’t they all stop for beer and pomme frites the whole time?

Hmmmm… a Ferrari or a Vacheron?


(alternate text)

Gee, I just happen to have a bit more than three hundred grand burning a hole in my pocket. I was goofing around on eBay and now I just can’t decide between a 1954 Vacheron Constantin 4261 Minute Repeater in platinum or a 1991 Ferrari F40. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

If you need to tell time, and most of us here cherish the act of timekeeping, then check out the Vacheron auction here. Got absolutely no clue if it’s for real or not.

If you need transportation, or maybe to catch the eye of a young lady, then check out the Ferrari auction here.