Love your Pebble Steel Smartwatch?  Hate the fact that you are locked into the strap options that come with the device?  Well, a new project on Kickstarter out of the UK, the Steel Connect, provides a simple adapter to let you use any standard 22mm strap or band.


The Pebble Steel has 3 lugs on the watch case, requiring a strap with a cut out in the middle.  The Steel Connect is a machined adapter that fits the watch case, and then has lugs for a 22mm strap.  Use anything you like, NATO, exotic leather, a titanium bracelet, you are limited only by the 22mm width.


The project has another 29 days to go and rewards start at £10 and jump to £15 if you miss the early bird deal.  Shipping outside the UK is £3 for one and £5 for two.  The adapters are available in brushed aluminum and matte black.  Less than a day in, they have about £700 pledged against a £5,000 goal.  If I had a Pebble Steel, or was considering getting one, I would definitely pick one of these up, just to add to the versatility of the smartwatch.

Steel-connect on Kickstarter

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