Alrighty folks – yesterday, I showcased a watch with a brown dial; the day before that, we had an “open heart” watch.  Toss those together, and what do you get?  Today’s watch in a flavor of (very affordable) Bulova.

The model in question is their 96A108, which features a 21 jewel automatic movement encased in 41mm of stainless steel, good for water resistance up to 100m.  It also has a domed mineral crystal (assuming this is for affordability), lumed hands, and an exhibition case back.  So, on the surface of it, a respectable, if not very exciting, watch.

Where the watch really shines, for me, though, is that small window at the 7 o’clock position that, once again, lets you see that small mechanical marvel (0therwise known as the watch movement) as it works away.  Adding some icing onto this particular cake is the fact that it can be found on Amazon for just a hair over $200, making it extremely affordable.

Of course, sir may prefer something in a different look – which I have for you here as well with the 96A107, for about the same price.  Here, you trade the round case for a squared-off one, and swap out the brown color pallete for the always-classic silver.  You lose some water resistance (50 meters on this model), but they make up for it with an even bigger window on the dial into the movement.

Between the two, this may actually be my preferred model.  I like that you can see even more of the movement – but not to the point that the time is hard to read (which is an issue with many skeletonized watches, if you ask me).  Regardless of the model, I think you’re getting a great watch for the price paid.  Sure, they’re perhaps not as sought after as the Accutron line, but these should perform admirably as a daily-wear watch.

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