Has anyone out there tried these Teslar watches? What have they done for you other than cause you spend $500 on a cheap quartz watch?

Loved be celebrities (Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Jack Nicholson to name three), it works through a combination of the Teslar technology combined with the watch’s battery and coil, which generates a zero-point waveform pulsed at 7-9 Hertz, creating what they call the “cocoon of calm”.

Philip Stein Teslar – the feel good watch [Tech Digest]


  1. I’ve had one for four days now. The first day was amazing. The last three were not simply because I’ve already taken the benefits for granted. I’m not taking it off or taking it back though, and mine was a thousand bucks. Among the benefits I’ve experienced: I can burn the candle at both ends (as I often do) and not really feel exhausted, I have much quicker recovery from the abuse (via non-sop work) I heap on my body, my eyes used to get really tired, now they feel immortal, I feel better overall. It’s really amazing. Buy one and take it back if it doesn’t work for you. That’s what I was going to do.

  2. I have one Philip stein watch I bought it from Philippines, but I’m in Valencia California now. My watch battery is not working anymore. Where can i go to buy and repalace the battery.

    Hope you can help me , cause i really need this watch everyday.



  3. I picked up a Phillip Stein Watch from a freind when my Nardin was on the fritz. You people who want to attribute some healing calming power to this watch are simple and suggestable. All the wishing for some panacea does not mean it exists
    except to the extent that your limited intelects are able to affect your body (placebo effect). I have changed the batteries and inspected the workings and short of some copper foil (carry an old penny)there is nothing special . I like the styling and the dual dials but calming effect Paalllleeeeezzzzzee.

  4. Marshal,
    You most likely bought a watch that is not actually a Philip Stein Teslar. The new watches are made with a different chip that does not generate the same beneficial effects as the Teslar chip has been known to do. Not many people know about this “switch of the chip” or “scam” but you should try to find one of the REAL TESLAR watches that Philip Stein used to make and then judge the “healing powers.”

  5. when,
    If you send in your watch for a battery replacement make sure the chips look the same when you get it back. You don’t want to have the chips replaced with the new “AYUS” chips because they will not work the same as the Teslar ones. Good luck.

  6. Ok seriously?! I got my watch back from PS and it doesn’t even have the chips anymore! It has some weird mobius design on the back! Did they just steal my Teslar chips out?!?! This is bullshit! Seems like everyone knows about this… but no one is stopping them because now I just got SCREWED!

  7. I have one of these watches. My mother is a firm believer in it and, is insisting I wear it.

    That goes along with, her believing in Tarot Cards, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, psychics, the Omega Institute and, Ouiji boards.

    All of which she has delved heavily into, over the last 30yrs.

    The belief in the Teslar watches, is just another one of her strange beliefs.

    To me, it is a load of garbage.

  8. They really do work if you actually get the Teslar chips in your watch–> they won’t take it back because I’ve had it for a long time— but hello– it’s not the same watch I bought. Christopher, find yourself an old PS Teslar watch and then you can give your opinion!

  9. Does anyone know where I can buy Genuine Teslar chips to replace the ones in my Philip Stein watch? They are a cinnamon color, so I think they may need replacing and I don’t want the new PS technology.

    • I looked inside and the ‘teslar chips’ are just 2 pieces of copper foil, the same that I use for stained glass. I paid $800 for one of these rip off Phillip Stein watches 5 years ago and I felt nothing while wearing it. I’d like to know more about this copper foil ‘chip’, as far as I’m concerned that is false advertising.

  10. I have worn this watch for a week. Nothing different except that I sleep better, but I was used to sleeping for only four hours at a time. A lot of money to pay for a nights sleep.

    Have I been duped????????????????
    By the way my watch was purchased in the Cayman’s

  11. Hello everyone,

    If Philip Stein is scamming the public, why has this not been litigated? I am thinking… class action here??

    And.. is it even possible to get one of the “old” PS Teslar watches with the real Teslar chip? and where?

  12. @when

    Philip Stein Authorized Service Centers in California
    18410 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana CA 91356
    Gary Long Jewelers
    320 Lincoln Ctr, Stockton CA 95207
    Harold Stevens
    525 B St, Ste #150, San Diego CA 92101
    Jewelry Pavilion
    750 W. 7th St, Los Angeles CA 90017
    Mardi’s Jewely Design
    25620 Alicia Pkwy, Laguna Hills CA 92653
    Pierre Watch Repair
    73-661 Hwy 111, Ste H, Palm Desert CA 92260
    Saks Fifth Ave
    7047 Friars Rd, San Diego CA 92108
    Swiss Connection, Inc.
    32565 Golden Lantern, Ste A, Dana Point CA 92629
    Topper Jewelers
    1315 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame CA 94010
    Valia’s Jewelers
    690 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena CA 91101
    Van Gundy
    3301-1337 E. Main St, Ventura CA

  13. The Teslar Chip was designed by Andrija Puharich and manufactured by Teslar Inside Corporation (Now known as Teslar Tech

    This Teslar chip was present in pre 2008 Philip Stein Teslar watches but has been replaced by an entirely new module that is completely different to the old Teslar Chip. It remains to be seen whether the new module is effective as the chip designed by Andrija Puharich but many users have stated otherwise.

    Life Technology have a small number of the original Philip Stein Teslar Bracelets in stock. Please contact us at

  14. Could somebody tell me where to replace my battery on my teslar watch…I’m here in the philippines and I have no idea where to go and find for a good place to purchase a battery? I need a help please….

  15. to jelu 10,
    you can have your batteries replaced at the Podium, at the back og megamall.PS has a boutique there at the groundfloor.o

  16. I had an allergic reaction to medication and broke into a rash all over EXCEPT on my left arm, the arm that I wear the watch. I asked the Cleveland Clinic doctors was it because of the watch and they had no idea. Would not commit one way or the other. Maybe I should buy more and put them on mt legs and other arm! Too strange!

  17. Don’t recommend this watch. Nothing but hype, The testlar technology in Philip Stein claims to supposedly will make you feel better is a LIE. It looks good thats all. I got suckered in buying a sports chrono, what a costly mistake in my part.

  18. I’ve had my watch for about a week. I bought it because I like the look of the watch expecting nothing. I can tell you that my hip, which has been bothering me for 6 months, has not hurt since I put the watch on. My mood is better. Is it the watch? Maybe, I won’t say it is or isn’t but if it is then I am impressed.

  19. Had a migraine the day I bought my PS watch. The headache went away. I wear it except for shower. My sleep is much better and no ocular migraines. Then my batteries went out….ocular migraines returned. New batteries, migraines gone. I have been through many sets of batteries over the years. My friends comment on my non-stop energy now. I and in my 50’s. I swear by my watch!!!! Plus I travel and love having two clocks to keep me straight.

  20. Not a bad looking watch…..but not much in quality either….I have one and changed the batteries yesterday….had it for several years and the batteries died….finally got around to replacing them. Don’t believe that you “have to send it to them”. Simple, two 4 dollar batteries. The two quartz movements are made in Japan and held in place in a plastic frame. As for the chips……two pieces of copper foil stuck onto the back of the watch. Not a chip….no wonder they don’t want you to open it up……no magic in there….doesn’t even look impressive.

    If you get one get it because you like the looks….that’s about it…..they are not worth the money. The movements look cheap and the price should more realistically be about 100 bucks for the watch. That’s some expensive copper foil in there.

    • I agree, you can take out the screws and replace the batteries yourself, no need to spend $$ sending away. Also I looked inside and the ‘teslar chips’ are just 2 pieces of copper foil, the same that I use for stained glass. I paid $800 for one of these rip off Phillip Stein watches 5 years ago and I felt nothing while wearing it. I’d like to know more about this copper foil ‘chip’, as far as I’m concerned that is false advertising.

  21. I wouldn’t buy one again! Expecially in the UK, the service from the US is poor and the UK repair centre just plucks figure from the air for repairs. (£60 for £5 battery, £150 for a $50 crystal…) The top pusher fell oput of mine and in the space days afer having this repaired the bottom pusher has fallen out!!! What a heap of …….

  22. I purchased my Phillip Stein watch almost 4 years ago. I have had to send it back for repairs once (corroded copper “chips”), replaced the batteries twice so far, and am constantly having to tighten up the screws on the watch band that keep coming loose. After replacing the batteries the last time, the seals no longer keep moisture out of the watch. It is a crappy watch, certainly not worth the money, and the only pains addressed are the constant pain in the butt I now have trying to keep the watch working and not falling apart. The only good thing about the watch is that is is unique looking and fashionable. Other than that, save your money and go buy a Citizen if you want a nice watch that seems to be quality for the money. This one certainly isn’t.

  23. I bought my Philip Stein watch in December 2008. Since I started wearing it, I have not had a bad headache, nor have I had the ocular spasms I used to get. Is it real or is it my mind doing it? I don’t know and I don’t care. The fact that I no longer have to deal with the headaches (I once had such a bad one I went to the emergency room; I also took Fiorinal for a number of years) and the ocular spasms (I would sometimes have to pull off the road until they stopped) is good enough for me!

  24. Has anyone had reduced energy? While the watch eliminated my migraines and most of my motion sickness–honestly–I now find myself with almost no energy. Been wearing the watch for a long time; all medical tests are negative. Help pls

  25. If interested in purchasing Philip Stein Teslar original a dual time double bezel diamond 1.08 ctw wit 3 bands, I am looking to sell. It is a great looking watch, I just prefer wearing my Rolex. I have original box, papers and certification

  26. It’s a rip off, specially when you want to change the bracelet it cost as much as the watch!!!!!! Try repairs it’s costtyyyyyyy

  27. Took my Stein to a reputable Swiss watch retailer/techician for both batteries replacements. He was astounted that the back if the watch access to the mechanism was only secured by 4 small screws. He tested and subsequently replaced both batteries but neither dial worked.Tested the new batteries; they were good. After changing the mechanism in both dials, the dual timers both worked. At a cost of $60.00 per mechanism! The thin copper foils in each mechanism were “toast” and couldn’t be replaced. The technician stated that these copper foils were of no use for health purposes and that I had been fooled to believe in purchasing such errant advertising. A good looking watch, but nothing like my collection of reputable Swiss, Danish and even American Timex watches. A complete waste of money on the Philip Stein!!!

  28. I’ve read several comments by purchasers of the Philip Stein watches, and it seems as though there are no reputable repair facilities out there. I live in Minnesota, and both my wife’s and my watch need new batteries. We bought our in Cozmel from a dealer recommended by Royal Caribbean Cruiselines. We never thought we would have any trouble having it serviced,but when we brought to the jewelry store we’ve used for years, which has been around since 1903, they didn’t want to touch it.

    • Batteries. Plural. Each two-faced watch has two conventional watch batteries that can be replaced by any competent jeweller.

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