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It’s (checks watch) Tuesday afternoon, you know what that means? Another exciting edition of The HourTime Show, the official podcast of WristWatchReview.coim

The gang’s all here this week, including Managing Editor Patrick, and we get right into it, discussing the “ethics,” you might say, of homage watches.

We’ve talked a lot about brands like Seestern and Steel Dive in recent weeks, and this week we dive even further, asking aloud whether these brands are “OK” and who gets to decide that. When I look down at my bright orange Seestern, am I fooling myself into thinking it’s a Doxa? Eh, not really? It’s just a cool orange watch that, sure, vaguely resembles a Doxa, but I’m not sure anyone at the local grocery store, the only place I visit outside my home office, cares one way or the other.

We also briefly touch on the idea that “alt investors,” folks who invest in “alternative” assets like baseball cards, JPEGs of apes, and, yes, watches, are driving up the cost of the most popular watches.

All good stuff, in other words.

Thanks once again to Andrew Haworth for producing this week’s episode.Keep it locked to and @wristwatchreview on Instagram for more fun watch content.

Thank you for listening, and have a great week!

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Last Update: March 22, 2022