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Podcast: The Prices of Watches Are Too Damn High

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It’s Monday, you know what that means: another exciting edition of The HourTime Show, the official podcast of WristWatchReview.com! Stay awhile, and listen.

This week is all about the rising prices of watches, spurred in part by a recent article in Hodinkee. John, who’s been in the watch game far longer than Victor or Nicholas, spends a good chunk of the episode recalling how things were back in the day. Buying Swatch group pieces for $1000 a pop basically sounds fake, but that’s how different things used to be.

The result of this price creep? People like Nicholas who are new to watches are getting priced out of the well-known brands, and are all but forced to turned to smaller brands like Steeldive and San Martin to obtain the “look” they’re after.

In any event, we once again thank Andrew Haworth for producing this week’s episode.

Keep it locked here at WristWatchReview.com and @wristwatchreview on Instagram for more fun watch content. Thank you for listening, and have a great week!

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