Well, it is for those of us in the northern hemisphere.  It will be showing up in a much different way for ten fortunate folks, courtesy of GoS.

Not surprisingly, this is the latest release in their Seasons line up.  What’s different here (other than color scheme) is the fact that they’re using a different movement, and it’s being released in collaboration with a watch forum:

Gustafsson & Sjögren Watches proudly presents – Winter Nights – a new series of watches that are produced in collaboration with PuristSPro. These are the first GoS watches to feature our own manually wound movement with a 4/5 bridge in solid hand-forged Damascus steel.

The series is strictly limited to 10 pieces and purchased through PuristSPro on a pre-order subscription basis. The price is US$19,000 which is the same as previous GoS top models that did not have our own manufacture movement.

The movement looks to be a pretty interesting one, as it was developed by Martin Braun (of Antoine Martin/MHO).  I also like the fact that GoS pushed to have as much real estate to their folded/damascus steel.  At the prices these watches command, you definitely want as much of the maker imbued into the piece as possible.

While  I really like the looks of the pieces in this line up, let me know in the comments what you think about the folded/damascus steel usage in watches – love it or leave it?


Photo credit to Jocke

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Last Update: November 2, 2012