Back at the end of April, the Hourtime Episode mentioned the Dent Watch Company.  Before that, I don’t know that I was aware of the brand.  Assuming there’s at least a few other people like me, to day we’ll take a look at one of their collection.

The watch in question is the Dent Ministry Evolution Chronograph.  Now, at first glance, this piece looks pretty similar to the Offshore Professional I reviewed (part 1 of 4 is here) – which is a good thing in my book.

Of course, here, we do have Roman numerals, except on the dial, rather than the bezel.  Another big difference would be in the subdials.  Here, they feel a bit more refined.  And, given the relatively light number of indices on the those dials, I’d be tempted to call this the “genteleman’s chronograph” – it just has a sophisticated feel to it.

That carries through to the materials in use on the watch.  The 43mm is made of stainless steel, which combined with the sapphire crystal, nets you a water resistance rating of 100m.  Though, with the hand-stitched alligator strap (matching steel buckle), you’re probably not going to want to get this piece damp.

Beating away inside is the Dent Caliber 201, which is a modified version of the ETA 7750.  With a high-beat rate (28,800 BPH) and nice power reserve (42 hours), this is a great chronograph movement to have tucked away under the silver dial.

One thing I can’t tell is the price.  Though, given the fact that you need to contact them to place an order (and my google-fu turned up nothing), I think it’s a safe bet that this piece falls on the higher-end of the scale.

Oh, and if you don’t care for the red seconds hand?  There is another version that has a simpler scheme.

By Patrick Kansa

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