Collecting watches, as a hobby, can bring out a bit of a bi-polar nature in many people.  Yes, we’ve got watches that we might hold up as an ideal, or grail; but we also realize that we need watches to wear in an everyday manner.


This is where a company like Throne Watches can come into play; they’re offering up an eclectic variety of “vintage” watches (scratching a particular itch for one set of collectors) paired up with a variety of different Horween straps (hooray for high-quality leather).


Now, while these are watches of a vintage nature, these aren’t the marque brands you might think of.  Instead, I’m seeing some Casios, Russian brands, and a whole slew of “no-name” models listed in their current inventory.  To my way of thinking, you’re really going through this inventory as a way to get a Horween strap, with the added bonus of a interesting-looking watch.


With prices starting at $80 (and I don’t think I saw anything over $100), this is really quite a nice value in my opinion.  I’m also a fan of the fact that old watches are getting new life breathed into them.  Whether you’re looking to add a watch to your case, or picking up a more unique gift for someone else, Throne Watches is worth a perusal.


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